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The Roller Champions publication date was confirmed for May 25th

18. May 2022 This article has been updated to reflect the confirmation of the Roller Champions’ publication date by Ubisoft

Creator Program Launch Video | Roller Champions

After several months full of leaks and speculations, Roller Champions finally has an official release date – and it is really not far away. Roller Champions will be released on Wednesday, May 25th for his first content. The “opening season” by Roller Champions will take a month according to this video.

This date was originally leaked by ‘lumia updates ”on Twitterr. The account had only stated that this was the release date for Xbox, but Ubisoft has confirmed that Roller Champions will be released on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles and PC next week. It was also confirmed that versions for Nintendo Switch and Stadia are also in the works.

The game starts with cross play and cross progression between all platforms. The only areas in which cross play is not activated are custom games and team creation, but Ubisoft says that these two functions will be available in future updates.

Although it is advertised as a opening season, Roller Champions’ ranking list mode is activated, and there will also be a 30-step season pass full of content. You will also receive objects and bonuses in the game when you invite friends to come to Roller Champions and join them.

Roller Champions clearly had a somewhat bumpy development, but hopefully it will deliver if the players put on their ice skates next week.

“Touken Ranbu Musou” Steam version will be released on May 24. With 4K/60fps compatible, the male figure of the swordsman is more beautiful

On May 17, DMM Games announced the release of the 3D action game “ Touken Ranbu ” Steam version. The release date is May 24. The price is 8778 yen (tax included). Reservations have been started today, and a trial version that can take over save data in the product version has been distributed.

“Touken Ranbu Musou” is a collaboration work of the sword training simulation game “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” and “Musou” series. Familiar swordsmen appearing in “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” will be converted to 3D and fight in the Warring States period. In “Touken Ranbu Musou”, the story of the swordsmen in the Honmaru, who lost the priest, is drawn with the mysterious sword “appearance” that will appear for the first time in the series. This is the first console work of the Touken Ranbu series, and has been evaluated mainly by series fans since the release of the Nintendo Switch version and PC (DMM Games) version on February 17.

The Steam version announced today supports 4K high resolution. Playing at up to 60fps is also possible, and you can enjoy the beautiful swordsmen with more beautiful graphics. In addition, DLC, which has already been released on other platforms, will be released at the same time. In addition to the background of Honmaru and the addition of BGM, the DLC of this work is called “Inner -style costume”, which is another costume of swordsmen. It seems that you can enjoy the various costumes of swordsmen with a more beautiful graphic in the Steam version.

In the trial version that was now available today, you can play the “Introduction” of the main story. It is possible to experience an exhilarating warrior action with 15 swordsmen. Save data created in the trial version can be taken over to the product version, so you can play from the continuation after the game is released.

“Touken Ranbu Musou” Steam version will be released on May 24.

TOUKEN RANBU WARRIORS [DEMO] English Gameplay Walkthrough

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A paid addition for The Riftbreaker will be released on May 30

Exor Studios studio, which develops a bright action with the elements of The Riftbreaker, announced the first paid addition to the game called Metal Terror.

The RiftBreaker update

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror will explore the new area of the Galatea 37 system – the metal valley (or metal valley). This is a completely unique biom, inhabited by various creatures that you have not met before.

DLC is divided into two parts – paid and free. Free content includes BIOM, a new script, monsters, technologies, weapons and other innovations, which developers will tell in more detail on May 30.

The paid part includes the same as free, but everything will be more diverse, and new branches of the story campaign will also appear for several hours.

All players will gain access to new content in survival mode and sandbox mode. Everyone will also be able to use new assets in Riftbreaker Editor Suite to create user cards and campaigns. The acquisition of expansion, in turn, will allow you to go through a new part of the story campaign and use new technologies in the campaign mode.

The update price is $ 9.99. The exit will take place on May 30.

Elden ring mandatory bosses: You have to pack these opponents to reach the end

The question of which bosses you have to defeat in Elden Ring in order to reach the end is not so easy to answer. In the first half of the game, many options and different routes are open to you. From the second half of the game there are many clear duties. We crash the whole thing for you.

First first half: reach Leyndell
* second half: from Leyndell

first half: reach Leyndell

In order to get into the majestic city of Leyndell, west of the Altus plateau, you only have to defeat two of the bosses with large runes and certain gatekeeper bosses. However, you have the choice that are. You have to meet these requirements to reach the capital:

Prerequisite 1: You need two big runes

You get big runes when you defeat the big bosses of Limgrave , Liurnia , caelid and Gelmir . In theory, you only have to tackle two of the four bosses (plus gatekeeper). However, we recommend that you defeat all of these regional opponents for the gaming experience and the runes. Here is the overview:


Limgrave Liurnia Caelid Gelmir / Liurnia Nord


  • 1. Margit (Limgrave): The boss on the bridge, which leads to Sturmschleier Castle , you just have to defeat if you want to do Godrick for your big rune. Here is our guide for the fight.
    2. Godrick (Limgrave): * Godrick is the big boss of Limgrave, who awaits you in Sturmschleier Castle . It is an option to get a large rune. We have a guide for you .
    3. Red Wolf Radagon (Liurnia): You have to pass this monster in the Academy of Raya Lucaria if you want to go to Rennala.
    4. Rennala (LIURNIA): She is the final opponent of Liurnia in the Academy of Raya Lucaria and has a large rune.
    5. Löwen -like Scheusal and melting putter (Caelid): * You may have to defeat this boss duo in Schloss Rot mans , if you want to go to Radahn, but be careful – only if you march there before you march before you rannis Questline have progressed up to a certain point. I wrote a column for this fight.
    6. Radahn (Caelid): * You can complete the epic fight with Radahn at Schloss red mane to get a big rune. This can even be done without having to put it yourself .
    7. MAGMALIND worm (Liurnia): There is a way around this boss, which awaits you in the cliff ruins in the far north of Liurnia. But this is quite difficult to find. Therefore, most players defeat the Lindwurm to get to the Altus-Plateau * and Gelmir.
  • 8th. Rykard (Gelmir): You can also take a big rune. He is the ruler of Haus Vulkan in Gelmir.

Prerequisite 2: Defeat one of the Leyndell Gatekeepers

Again there are two options. Most likely you will face the dragon tree knight in front of the goal to the capital. In theory, you can also travel there from the throne of death prince after you have done the mob boss there.


Dragon tree guardian depths of deep root

What Order to BEAT Bosses to become Elden Lord and Finish the Game ► Elden Ring Walkthrough


9. Dragon tree guard (at Leyndell) * : This nasty enemy, who also brings lightning to the well -known moveset of the tree guard, awaits you in front of the goal to the capital.
10. Fias heroes (depths of deep root): * There is a path with which you can handle the dragon tree guard, because you can also sneak into the city by the depths of deep root. Then you have to defeat the mob that Fia ruses on you.

Are you looking for another guide? Here is our thematically ordered overview:

__2 __3

more on the subject

Tips and tricks for Elden Ring: All 53 reach Leyndell guides in the overview


second half: from Leyndell

Now the path that you have to take will be much more linear and you have to defeat all the final opponents in order to move forward in the area or the story.


Leyndell mountain peaks of the Giant Farum Azula ash capital


11. Godfrey (Phantom, Leyndell): * You have to face this boss to get on in Leyndell.
12. Morgott (Leyndell): There is also no way around this final boss in Leyndell.
13. Fire giant (mountain peaks of the giants): You have to complete this epic boss fight on the giant mountain summit in order to continue in the story.
14. Duo of the godskalpe (decaying Farum Azula): * This double boss stands in your way in the decaying Farum Azula and you can’t get any further without defeating it.
15. Besti -explorer / Maliketh (decaying Farum Azula): This final opponent, who changes a lot in the second phase, is the large boss of the Farum Azula region and you have to conquer it in order to be able to continue with the story.
16. Gideon Ofnir (Leyndell, Ashee capital): Our omniscient teacher, whom we had previously met at the Tafel of the grace, is now waiting for us as a duties in the ash capital Leyndell.
17. Godfrey / Hoarah Loux (Leyndell, Ashee capital): * You have already put Godfreys golden phantom. Now you have to fight him again in flesh and blood – with his second phase in which he becomes Hoarah Loux.
18. Radagon / EldenSeTie (Leyndell, Ashee capital) : Almost d1. You have arrived at the final boss of the game – or if you want it that way: two bosses at the final, because the Elden bestie is created as the second phase of the fight, but it is a really different opponent. Did you make it? Congratulations! How long players need up to this point varies very strongly, but is often in the range between 70 and 130 hours. *

Not missing two? If you miss Mohg and Malenia in this list: Both are optional bosses. In theory, you can travel to Mohg with Varrés Quest to kill him for one of the two big runes and get access to Leyndell, but we do not recommend that.

You just have to defeat Malenia if you want to reverse the effects of the audience with the three fingers and reach one of the other ends.

Do you plan to do only the most necessary bosses? Or if you are already through: have you faced all the final opponents or just the compulsory portion?

For allegations of ping, 中 RNG MSI Group Stage 1R Return

The first round of the group stage of the Chinese league team ‘RNG’, which is being caught in preferential controversy in the 2022 mid -season Invitational, has been invalidated. The difference in the game response speed (ping) that was raised between players and fans turned out to be true.

Riot Games’ Operation Global Manager Alex Fransu announced on the 13th that it will invalidate all the matches that RNG played in the first round of the group stage through the official website of League of Legends (Roll) e -Sports on the 13th.. This is because the in -game ping was higher than expected in the stadium, and this was because RNG, which participated in the game online in China, gained great profits. RNG’s group stage first round is scheduled to be played again over 14 and 15 days.

PSG vs RNG - Day 4 LoL MSI 2022 Group Stage | PSG Talon vs Royal Never Give Up full game

According to the entrance statement, the management has raised questions about Ping and confirmed the log after the 11th. A wide range of tests and reviews found that Ping at the Busan Stadium recorded in the game log was higher than the intended 35ms. As a result, it was revealed that the teams who played in Busan played in an unfavorable environment compared to RNG, which was played remotely in the 35ms environment. If the ping is high, the character response slows down, which causes a lot of inconvenience in manipulation.

Alex Fransu and General Manager said, ‘Didn’t you grasp the preliminary test stage more quickly?’ After receiving feedback from the players, I found out that the existing inspection was wrong. ”

In the end, the suspicion of the players who seemed to be ping more than 35ms due to the forced 35 ping were found to be true. Already, all the players, including ‘Faker’ Lee Sang -hyuk, had complained of inconvenience from the first day of the competition, saying there was a difference between the practice hall and the convention hall. However, there was actually a technical problem, and it was revealed that all of the players against RNG played on a tilted playground.

Among the RNG players, ‘Way’ Yanyang Way, ‘Gala’ Cheonwei, and ‘Ming’ Si Sunming expressed their dissatisfaction with the Libra, which means a fair ruling on the Weibo post.

In addition to the response speed, RNG has been caught in both suspicions of preferential and violations of regulations. In particular, the first day of the opening, the players did not use the set headsets, the shoes were not properly equipped, and there was no referee or facecam. Although there was a clarification of Riot Games, the fans responded to the inconvenience.

FIFA 22, DCE FUT Solution Connor Goldson

Discover the solution for DCE Connor Goldson, a team creation challenge to be done in FIFA 22 mode. This DCE aims to win the English player’s show card by completing it.

Note that this challenge begins on Sunday May 15 at 7 p.m. and lasts three days, ending on Wednesday May 18 at 7 p.m. By completing this challenge, you will get Connor Goldson’s show card.

Should we do this DCE?

DCE Connor Goldson is a challenge including two teams and whose goal is to celebrate the opposition between two clubs on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the DCE but especially the card, we recommend making this challenge. Even without a boost, the card is quite incredible but will be difficult in Link. Unless you have icon cards around or Tavernier/Kent, Goldson will be difficult to use.

Note that the show cards can evolve according to the result of the meeting. Thus, if the Rangers won the match, the card will obtain a +2 boost, against +1 on a draw and no boost in the event of a defeat against Frankfurt.

Recommendation: Yes but
* Probable credit gain?
Total cost of the DCE: About 58K

England challenge, the criteria

  • English players: minimum 1
  • Global team note: minimum 83
  • Collective: minimum 80
  • Reward: a small mixed playful pack prime
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday May 18 at 7 p.m.
    * Price: 18K

Défi Equipe 84, the criteria

  • Global team note: minimum 84
  • Collective: minimum 70
  • Reward: a small Player Play Pack Pack
  • End of the challenge: Wednesday May 18 at 7 p.m.
    * Price: 38K

Our example of a solution for DCE Connor Goldson was carried out with the team creator of Futbin (in English).

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to make these DCEs at the cheapest price as possible without having the cards. It is obviously possible to make these challenges with other cards. Also be careful because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward and upwards) over time.

You can find the full list of the different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges. In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

The best -selling US

Elden Ring was not the best -selling game in the United States last month. This title goes to LEGO Star Wars in April 2022 : The Skywalker Saga **. This data comes from the NPD Research Group, which reports on the financial developments on the American video game market every month. In addition to the Skywalker Saga, no game has sold better in the United States than the top title from from software. We have already reported on similar sales figures in the United Kingdom. The Skywalker Saga is the most successful launch in the history of the franchise. Of course, we also tested the block game in the Star Wars universe and found a fun, albeit “only” average LEGO game.

The leaders in the USA

In the top 5 best -selling games of the last month in the USA, there are also MLB: The Show 22, Kirby and the forgotten Land and Nintendo Switch Sports.

Overall, Elden Ring has sold the most in the USA this year. It is quite questionable whether another game can still dethrone the soulslike in terms of total sales. The more than controversial Pokémon legends: Arceus is currently still in the top 5 best-selling US titles of the year. The offshoot of the Pokémon series has so far been in 3rd place. Another title that is often discussed, Gran Turismo 7 , is currently in position in this ranking in 6. We only had the most successful US launch in the last month the history of the franchise reports. However, this message is clouded by discussions about microtransactions and an Always online function.

Nintendomarken beaten by Star Wars

Kirby was also beaten by Lego Star Wars on Nintendo’s own hardware. In 2022, no 3rd party title Nintendo’s own brands has been able to hit sales in terms of sales. The last game that was able to celebrate this success was Monster Hunter: Rise in March 2021.

the BEST AMONG US games in Roblox!

To the homepage to the gallery

NO-name products revealed: With this list you can save a lot in the supermarket

Brand quality at discount prices-numerous no-name discounter articles promise. Products from gut & ABTUM, _MILBONA or _JA!Go to the German discounters every day via the counter and replace the significantly more expensive branded products in many households.

But which manufacturer is behind the products is rarely known and often customers ask themselves whether the more expensive branded products are really better? A huge database lists countless discounter products and reveals the actual manufacturer behind it – and it is often a big surprise.

The web app of the “Who to whom” lists countless products from German discounters and supermarkets. In order to find the corresponding product faster, the database is divided according to categories such as dairy products, meat products and or frozen food. Unfortunately, the online portal does not offer a search function. In order to find the desired product quickly, it helps to search the content of the page. In most browsers, this works by means of the key combination STRG + F.

  • NO-NAME products search: inform now at Chip and start the web app

The website always lists the name of the no-name product in the left column. On the right you will find the manufacturer. Click on this, the web app not only reveals the name of the manufacturer, but also number of employees, sales, contact and address data, year of foundation and many other details.

Save A Lot Food Store - Like, A Lot A Lot (Official Music Video)
The manufacturers are always surprised – this can be explained using the example of the “Körner Yoghurt”, which can be found in the Aldi Süd range. Anyone who buys this no-name product optes for a yoghurt of the Ehrmann brand, but pays a significantly lower price than the yogurt with Ehrmann logo.

  • Push – latte factor, anchor effect, large notes – the tricks of the dealers are so torn: 5 tips on how to save money in the supermarket

It cannot be said in general that there is a well-known manufacturer behind every no-name product and the discounter items are not always cheaper than the well-known brands, but it is often worth taking a closer look with the no-name search.

What New Games are Coming to PC Game Pass in May 2022?

Incredible, but the next month of 2022 is already here. What does this mean? New games migrate to PC Game Pass and can be played by subscribers. This month you can look forward to a stylish samurai game and space travel like no other. Note: Microsoft has yet to release a complete list of all the additions, but we already know of a few games joining the service this month. We’re also following you closely and will update this article as Microsoft releases more information.

Trek to Yomi

At first glance, the story of Trek to Yomi sounds ordinary: the protagonist, Hiroki, has to experience how his teacher was killed in a brutal attack when he was a child. Years later, he is plotting revenge on the one hand and trying to protect the people around him. So far, it is widely known.
Trek to Yomi’s strengths may not lie in the story but in maintaining a monochromatic visual presentation and fundamental game mechanics. Unsurprisingly, swordfights are a big part of Trek to Yomi, and they play smoothly.

Hard space: Shipbreaker

After nearly two years in Early Access, Hard space: Shipbreaker is now complete, bringing the anti-dev game into the full version. Why do you want to rebel? The answer is simple because, in the new game from the creators of Homeworld, you are a sort of scrap collector who must dismantle space stations and spaceships.
At first glance, this sounds easier than it is. After all, you are in space, and the physical and technological conditions there are not necessarily straightforward. If you make a small mistake, the ship might explode outright, or you push yourself away from the object too hard and end up in the vast expanse of space.

Sniper Elite 5

This time, the fifth installment of the series takes you to France during World War II, with protagonist Fairborn once again focusing on destroying a covert operation. You’ll need to dive into fairly open levels and shoot enemies from a distance – after all, you’re a sniper. Alternatively, you can also prefer open battles.

More PC games are added to Game Pass in May
Loot River:
This pixelated dungeon crawler is all about – who would have thought – loot! However, there is still an exciting twist. We can move some of the platforms we’re standing on, opening up new paths in the level.

Citizen Sleeper:
A role-playing game set in an exciting cyberpunk world where you constantly end up with new bodies. You are the digital human consciousness owned by a ruthless corporation – they sent you to the space station to work hard. But of course, you don’t want to put up with this! You will affect the future that awaits you and other residents through your decisions. Citizen Sleeper is top-rated on Steam and will be our insider in May 2022.

This War of Mine: Final Cut:
A frustrating anti-war game based on the real experiences of war witnesses. You control a small group of civilians trying to ensure their survival in a besieged city. Sometimes survival games present you with bad moral choices.

Eiyuden Chronicle – Rising:
This is a hybrid of action RPG and city-building, a prequel to the upcoming RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. In Rising, you’ve learned about some of the characters that will play an essential role in Hundred Heroes later on.

Danganronpa 2:
Goodbye Desperate Anniversary Edition: Summer School Trip to a (Supposedly) Desert Island – Sounds Comfortable? Until you and your friends have to fight the murderous villain Monokuma. A remake will be released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular anime action-adventure.

Assassin’s Creed – Origins
At least Microsoft confirmed in April that action-adventure games like For Honor’s Marching Fire Edition would be added to Game Pass soon. In May, an exciting reboot of the Assassin’s Creed franchise may also come to Game Pass. However, there is no exact date yet.

These games are leaving Game Pass in May.
No longer included in subscriptions as of May 1, 2022:

Streets of Rage 4 (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)
Outlast 2 (cloud, console, and PC)
Cricket 19 (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)

No longer subscribed as of May 10, 2022:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition (Cloud und Konsole)

No longer subscribed as of May 15, 2022:
Enter the dungeon (cloud, console, and PC)
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered (Console and PC)
Remnant: From the Ashes (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)
Steep (cloud and console)
The Catch: Carp and Coarse (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)
Wild at Heart (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)

Do Elden Ring and Super Mario World have the same map? At least they are suspicious

What do Super Mario World and Elden Ring have in common? Of course, the merciless fight against bitterly evil opponents. But fun aside: There is a surprisingly great similarity between the otherwise different titles and it is about the underlying world or its structure. Those who look at the two world maps side by side will be amazed that a certain similarity cannot be dismissed.

Super Mario World and Elden Ring almost play in the same world

No longer to ignore: The comparison of the two maps shows some surprising similarities. This ranges from the coarse structure of the two world maps to the placement of some places such as lakes and mountains to the coloring and the shape of the land masses. Of course not everything fits perfectly, but quite a bit then. But it is best to see yourself (and can no longer forget it afterwards):

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In addition, the world map of Elden Ring again in direct comparison:

If you are now wondering where Mohgwyn Palace is, for example, there is also an answer:

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Where the entrance is hidden there, it should also be clear:

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Multiplayer Troubleshooting in Elden Ring

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Of course it wasn’t all. The round of table from Elden Ring also has its place in Super Mario World:

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The comparison is of course not meant completely seriously **, but still comes to a surprising result. So if you had such a quiet idea all the time that it all seems to be known to you latent, this could be the reason for this. Of course, the resulting thoughts, of course, are also very fun, which, for example, revolve around an Elden ring and Super Mario crossover.

More about Elden Ring:

Tips and tricks for Elden Ring: All 53 Ring guides in the overview *
Elden Ring: AFK rune farmer kill multiplayer, but slit ears beat back
Column: brother -in -law is annoyed by Malenia and now Tobi Schiss

Incidentally, Elden Ring has now sold over 13 million times, and only within the period until March 31. This is an extremely remarkable result and marks the final breakthrough of the Soulsborne games from from software in the video game mainstream. Now we also know which SNES classic could have stood for this.

How do you find the comparison? Which map do you prefer?

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