A pubic bonflitis at Hoffenheim s juniors in the 2015/16 season, a heavy thigh injury and a carrier surgery as a professional in the season 2018/19, in December 2020 again the thigh: Dennis Geiger knows the feeling of having to pause for months. He did not get used to it. On the contrary.

Many think that it is easier to process when you know the situation, but for me it was even worse than the previous injuries, Geiger said in the interview with the TSG club magazine playing field . It was the same place on the thigh and I immediately knew how bad it is. I knew from the beginning what it means. Of course I thought so then. Why am I? Why now? Why for the third time?

I was only at home, I have made many thoughts about me and asked if it even makes sense to continue playing football.

Dennis Geiger

The first three to four weeks had been extremely bad , said the midfielder. I was only at home, many thoughts made me about me and asked if it even makes sense to continue playing football. He could not even look at more football, neither in the stadium nor on TV. Neither Hoffenheim still some other game. It just did not work. It has triggered something negative in me, and I did not want to connect this feeling with football. Only after a month this feeling was again.

In the rehab violinist went to a distance to the colleagues, stopped in Munich for weeks. After consultation with the TSG, I should not be in Zuzenhausen every day and see the guys while training, but just come to other thoughts, Geiger said from the region and has been in the club since 2009.

Contract runs up to 2023 – exit clause well inclusive

In September, Geiger has extended his expiring contract until 2023, it can be assumed that the contract involves an exit clause for the coming summer. In the current season he comes to four Bundesliga inserts, at the recent 1: 3 in Stuttgart he stood in the starting eleven.

But Geiger, who also missed the U-21-EM because of the injury, does not know his accurate performance status itself. It s hard to say at the moment what a hundred percent are with me. I just was out for too long.