This is the first major update since the publication of the Enhanced Edition of Quake. It provides user settings improvements, bot support on various Deathmatch maps, improved bot functionality and some bug fixes.

Release Notes to Update 1

Improvements All platforms


For controllers, the analog stick entry has been improved – it is now more sensitive from the outset.
To optimize the GAMEPAD control, in the input options menu
Adjustment options for dead zone, target speed, AIM Exponent and AIM Smoothing added.

MAP improvements: Dimension of the Machine

Hell OR Dark Water (MGE3M2): After the trap, checkpoint spawns were added in the coeP.
Grave Machine (MGE4M1): Checkpoint spawns were added in the coop and Pain trigger around the pentagram.
A Grave Mistake (MGE4M2): Checkpoint spawns were added in the coeP as well as Pain trigger to prevent passing and transitioning from them.

General improvements

The game progress in large levels is now stored faster.
Hosts can now be recognized by a symbol instead of a symbol to simplify the identification by color-blind players.
In the vertically divided screen of local multiplayer mode, the weapon selection HUD element is no longer cut off.

online multiplayer

The visible spot simit in the match browser has been removed.
The client-side prediction at Scourge of Armagon has been improved.


For the following Level, Bot support has been added:

The Slipgate Complex (E1M1)
Castle of the damned (E1M2)
The House of Chthon (E1M7)
The Elder God Shrine (E4M3)
Shub-Niggurath s PIT (finish)
The Edge of Oblivion (HIPDM1)
The Pumping Station (HIP1M1)
Bot behavior in melee, swimming and weapons selection has been improved.
When Bots make or kill bots, text dialogs are displayed.
Handling of lifts through bots has been improved.
Bots can now find themselves better on The Abandoned Base (DM3).

Bug fixes All platforms


An error has been fixed by which the speed of the backward movement has randomly set to go.
Speed ​​speed is now reset correctly after using the weapon selection.
An error has been fixed, which could lead to the player in jumping out of the water.
The shutdown of self-curtail no longer prevents itself to damage itself.


A rarely occurring audio crash in Scourge of Armagon has been fixed.
An error has been fixed that led to excessive clipping while the output of multiple sounds at the same time.
An error has been fixed through which during the Scourge of Armagon demo a false piece of music was played.
An error has been fixed, which was played on Gloom Keep (E1M5), The Wizard s Mense (E2M5), The Wind Tunnels (E3M5) and Hell s Atrium (E4M5) track 11 instead of Track 10.


At the Deathmatch on Hell s Atrium (E4M5), the silver key no longer appears.
An error has been fixed, by which in Scourge of Armagon some markers did not have the correct orientation.
A lighting error on The Door to Chthon (E1M6) has been fixed through which a darkened path has been illuminated prematurely.
The light on the roof was darkened to restore the original optical effect on Shub-Niggurath s PIT (finish).


Usernames with quotes now appear correctly in the game.
The Spanish closure text for episodes is no longer cut off.
After deactivating the quake 64 add-on, the textural smoothing setting is now reset correctly.
An error has been fixed through which the improved Oger model sinks in the ground after death.

online multiplayer

An error has been fixed through which noises shouted during the online game and disappeared items or flickered elements.


An error has been fixed, not remotely attacked by the bot s needed pickups.
Bots should now recognize all triggers and doors as a goals to be throtted.
Bots no longer stay too long in mucus or lava.
Bot support on waypoint-loose maps has been removed.
An error has been fixed, tried by the bot, once again pressing usable buttons and triggers.

only xbox

An error has been fixed to take the player 1 controller settings from Player 1 through the players added to the local multiplayer.