On October 23, the new enlargement endwalker for the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 will be published 14. Square Enix has organized a media tour to give first insights into the new content.

During the EndWalker Media Tour director Naoki Yoshida explained that the new extension will be the largest so far. Yoshi-P, so the director is also called by fans, explained during a presentation:

Especially at the story, if we look at the amount of text, intermediate sequences and so on … I do not want to call any comparative numbers, but there is much more than in Shadowbringers.

In order to make the whole thing a little more understandable, he continues to led that endwalkers even greater than a modern role-playing game. You need already for the predecessor extension Shadowbringers 50-60 hours of playtime. This suggests that you can be made to more than 60 hours. Endwalker will also offer you next to a new story also six huge new areas, new raids, dungeons, equipment, recipes and much more.

Yoshi-P also hopes that the fans enjoy the game, especially as they hold it right. He knows that some players will preach through the game to reach the endgame. He says that those who actually pursue the story should be attentive if the plot reaches its peak. In other words, the end of Endwalker will provide some surprises and dramatic twists for fans.

With endwalker, the history narrated so far in Final Fantasy 14 (Buy 25.98 €) is also told. But fans do not have to worry, an end to the MMORPG is not in sight. With the first major content patch, a completely new action will begin.

For so much content, time must be there. Do you take a holiday for the release date or do you want to tackle it? Tell us in the comments!

From Dina Manevich
14.10.2021 at 14:53