The nostalgic Formula 1 Racer Horizon Chase Turbo gets a new extension named Senna Forever next Wednesday. The Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna is said to be honored, who could win three world champion titles and died in 1994 at a heavy racing accident.

Part of the sales will be donated

This is the most extensive extension so far. The players get new cars, racetracks and other things delivered. Thanks to a partnership with Senna Brands, all content could be based on the said racers. A certain part of the turnover taken by the extension goes to the Instituto Ayrton Senna. The philantrophic facility has made it possible to support children in need of help in Brazil.

In career mode, you experience the events from the perspective of the racing legend. The five chapters consist of several races that they have to do successfully. For an additional challenge, some achievements provide. If you unlock them, you will receive considerable narrative screens as a reward.

For the first time, the first-person perspective will be available to you in Horizon Chase Turbo . So you get a much more immersive driving experience. A new game mechanics will make you focus on one of these properties before starting a race: improved tires, advanced aerodynamics or special fuel.

While career mode gets six new racing cars, you can choose in world championship modes under a total of 34 vehicles. The latter mode offers you a lot of variety thanks to 18 different teams, several categories and random factors.

In addition to the PS4, this title is available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The individual content will be shown in today s trailer:

Trying to Achieve what Ayrton Senna did at Interlagos 1991

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