Idle for Star Wars fans: The last episode of the second season of the success series The Mandalorian is already a whole for a while. Earlier, the next season is expected, after all, there are still many unexplained questions. One of these questions has actor Carl Weather, who embodies the role of Greef Karga in the series, but now an answer.

On Twitter, Weather announced that the filming for the third season tomorrow finally start. Also in Season 3, the former head money hunter returns Karga and with him a whole series of other figures. Spoiler warning for the following paragraphs: Lest does not continue if you did not look at the first two seasons Mandalorian!

What do we know about Season 3 of The Mandalorian so far?

Although several months have passed since the end of the second season, the information situation to the third season is still quite thin. But we have a pair of information for you. Producer Dave Filoni, for example, suggested that the Baby Yoda Grogu recorded at the end of the second season of Luke Skywalker could return to Grogu after fans speculated about its absence.

There are also references to other figures. The villain Moff Gideon, played by Giancarlo Esposito (which already made a good figure in breaking bath and now also to be seen in Far Cry 6 as a charismatic opponent) could also celebrate a comeback. Esposito wanted to guarantee nothing, but seemed very confident about a return.

More clearly is the location at Cara Dune, which was played by Gina Carano. After Diseny Carano had fired (not because of their political views, by the way, such as the company s assumed) and fans puzzled about a new casting of the role of Cara Dune, it was said that a return of the character was not planned. As soon as the third season of Mandalorian goes to the start, like the first two seasons, she will also see on Disney +.

Source: Carl Weathers on Twitter

From Jonas Höger
13.10.2021 at 19:22