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Inincraft is the Youtuber Dream so popular so that the fear circulated, he could simply decide which new MOB 2021 comes to Minecraft. Because exactly that happened 2020. Dream insured to hold out this time – but you do not dare to him.

What is this for a vote in Minecraft? Minecraft will soon be tailored about what new mob comes into the game. On 16 October, during a minecraft live, 3 new MOBs will be a vote:

A Glare that finds dark places
An Allay , who apparently wants biscuits and embraces other items
A Copper Golem , the player can build themselves

2020 was dream for a mob that did not fit many – but he won

That s the problem : 2020 has already made such a vote. The ultrapopular Minecraft-Youtuber Dream said then said that the MOB Glow Squid should come to Minecraft.

The site Ginx writes: Dream would have taken over the survey and sent thousands of his fans to vote for Glow Squid.

Since Dream has a huge fan base, this mob sat down. But that did not fit many: they found Glow Squid is now only in Minecraft because he is useful for the Speed ​​Runs of Dream – not because it really should be the best new mob.

Supposedly, Dream should have chosen the MOB at that time Ironic only, though it was the most boring MOB.

I will choose the worst MOB!

Thus, Dream reacts 2021 : Because he got so much trouble at that time, Dream announced: He will ruin the voting despite this year and select the worst MOB . There would be nothing, what people can do about it.

After there was some excitement, Dream steered later and said: people would be awful about a block game , so he will keep away from the vote and give no recommendation.

However, a few minutes later he reigned himself again and wrote ironically, Of course I will manipulate the vote anyway.

This is the reaction of fans : Some minecraft players do not find that funny. You now want to establish the hashtag dreamshutthefuckup (ie dream, stop your mouth) so he will be trying on Twitter on 16 October.

Let s see who gives himself tomorrow when choosing.

Dream is known for its speed runs, but there was a small problem:

200,000 people see how the world s most famous Minecraft screeper raussled on Twitch

The cover picture comes from the Instagram Account Dreams.