The New World group launched an upgrade to aid resolve an issue that was supposedly seeing gamers being kicked for being AFK when they were not (including while fishing).

There was no downtime connected with the upgrade, and there had not been any type of disturbance, but the Amazon Games team announced that they would certainly monitor the modification in effect to see if it was functioning and additionally to make sure it was having no negative changes in any type of regions.

New World s launch has been marked by lines up and also a great deal of gamer activity on all fronts, yet even with the problems, the group has been working to support the launch continually. The AFK discovery system was just recently transformed, with decrease in time allowed to be spent AFK as well as strike a balance in between stepping away for legitimate factors as well as AFKing to inhabit the web server port as well as hampering the queue.

With queues as well as demand still running high, a vibrant area as well as more people proceeding and also trying to find what comes next, there are still guilds as well as good friend teams awaiting character transfers as well as running into various other issues that have actually made complex the experience. There have actually been several complaints lately about prohibiting as well as inaccurate AFK kicks, both of which they ve reacted to in order to make clear and also enhance the experience. Bans were made clearer as to their reasoning, as well as the AFK related upgrade is currently out in method.

There are still lines on busy web servers, though having doubled the variety of web servers did assist to some degree. With transfers coming soon, we ll see exactly how that effect cleans. You can check out the upgrade note on AFK here.