An American coach vonPokémon GO has achieve a significant milestone. He has managed to get a full, vibrant happiness Pokédex. We at MeinMMO had the opportunity to ask him a few questions and tell you how he did it.

What kind of a milestone is it? Many trainers in Pokémon GO dream to get a full happiness Pokédex. This means that they have a lucky entry in the game at any monster. But the coach ZhessZhess from the United States was committed to even higher goal. He wanted a full, vibrant happiness Pokédex have.

As he shows in his reddit post, he has this goal is finally reached on 10 October 2021 (via He has a full, vibrant happiness Pokédex consisting of 686 different Pokémon. This is a significant milestone, which is why we have asked him for an interview.

This is a full, lively happiness Pokédex

Who plays Pokémon GO regularly knows that there is by exchanging the monster the possibility to get the one lucky Pokémon. Many coaches have therefore aims to have as registered each monster once a Pokédex as lucky Pokémon.

But what s the difference to a living happiness Pokédex? This question we did not have to ask ZhessZhess only because in his first message, he told us, he is like happy about this milestone and what a great, lively bliss Pokédex means to him.

The focus is alive for the way he collects his monster. He wants namely not only each Pokémon have registered once, but also in his keeping permanently Pokémon Storage.

To replace, according to him, many of his friends a monster, like Bulbasaur, then develop it to Ivysaur and Venusaur. So is the monster in his view, but away. That did not ZhessZhess. For this reason, he thinks, as seen in the figure below, from any development own happiness instance. That makes him the liveliness of his happiness-Dexes.

He currently holds 686 different Pokémon happiness in his Pokémon Storage. Missing only do him a few costumed monsters. These include the rock and pop Pikachu from Pokémon GO hard 2,021th

He has come to its full, vibrant happiness Pokédex

We at MeinMMO naturally wanted to know how ZhessZhess has reached this milestone. For this reason, we contacted him via reddit, and asked us to answer a few questions about his Pokédex.

How long ZhessZhess been playing Pokémon GO?

It belongs claims to be the trainers of the first hour. Pokémon GO was released in the United States on 06 July 2016 and since that day ZhessZhess is.

As he took a long time for his milestone?

Total ZhessZhess has already conducted more than 13,000 exchange actions. He received support from friends, from whom he received the most rare monsters for his collection. The amount of time he estimated at about 1,000 hours.

He also told us that he has reached a first milestone of this kind already on 22 July 2020th At that time he also had a full, vibrant happiness Pokédex of 603 Pokémon. He has remained and has further exchanged diligently.

Why did he opted for a living happiness Pokédex?

As he told us in an interview, this has to do with his favorite Pokémon Charizard. For him always was clear that he would not only have Charizard as lucky Pokémon, but the complete Charmander family. For this reason, he decided never to delete a Glückspokémon.

When he had about 200 unique happiness Pokémon collected, he decided that he would like a full, vibrant happiness Pokédex ertauschen. While his friends wanted to earn a normal, full of happiness Pokédex, he sat down in his own words so that a much more difficult target, but this was preparing him a lot of fun. Overall, he has now 909 lucky Pokémon in his collection.

Were the Pokémon all replaced with happiness friends?

Most coaches are now probably wondering how ZhessZhess has come to this many lucky Pokémon. As he has told us in the interview that he got from the 909 monsters only about 100 by a fortunate exchange with a lucky friend. Most of these Pokémon are rare specimens or Shinys.

it has changed in the normal way the remaining monsters. He has maxed out the daily limit of 100 exchange actions numerous times with friends.

Which monster was hardest to get?

The worst thing was to get for Zhesszhess Vesprit. This monster is a regional Pokémon of the Lake Trio, which is only available in Europe. A friend of him was during the lake trio event in May 2019 in the United Kingdom and had brought him two copies. At that time there were no remote raid passes in the game.

Since he and his friend were no lucky friends at this time and might have taken months to achieve this status, the exchange had to work according to Zhesszhess. So he decided to swap his Glurak.

At the beginning of the game he had chosen Glumanda as a starter Pokémon and developed it told Glurak. Actually, he never wanted to swap this monster, but in such a situation Zhesszhess made an exception. The age of the monster has a greater probability of a lucky Pokémon. The friends actually had luck and it worked.

Which goal has Zhesszhess next?

Next, he wants to have all the costumed Pokémon in their lucky form. He is already on a good way, because he has already collected about 90% of the monsters. Since, above all, the regional monsters are difficult to get, he saves his lucky friends and wait until they can bring him one of the missing monsters out of vacation. These include, among other things, the various forms of Coiffwaff.

This tip has zhesszhess to other coaches

Of course, we also asked Zhesszhess what tip he has for other coaches from Pokémon Go. He advises to start first, because to get a full luck pokédex, makes a lot of work. For this reason, you should first start with the first 150 Pokémon.

After that, he recommends keeping a piece for a piece. Since it is a lot of work, most players opt for a normal , to collect complete happiness Pokédex. But he still finds it nicer to keep the individual Pokémon and not develop or delete.

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How do you find the milestone of Zhesszhess? Do you have similar goals? Or have you even collected such a luck-pokédex? Write us your opinion and experiences here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches on this topic.

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