Many people from 20 something years have commented, either publicly or in privacy, which is a pity that children and girls would like to be astronauts , and that now the answer to a question about Your future ending up being YouTuber . Of course, they omit that surely the other most cited profession was that of footballer , or that those who browse us with the first generations of Big Brother , we knew of not a few classmates who wanted to live in Guadalix .

I Met PewDiePie in YouTubers Life 2
This nostalgia of a past that was always better, is totally unfair, because the current context sieve is omitted, as well as a bias is applied by which the profession of uploading is associated and creating content with something bad … when not It ceases to be a basic description of the minimum task unit that these people carry out.

Not always everything happened, it was better, for a basic advance of humanity that allows 80% of the Spanish population today to be vaccinated against Covid, among other things. This nostalgia, united to the few desire to understand phenomena such as YouTuber, can end up creating a reactionary thought independently of the political spectrum area in which they are placed.

much bigger than the previous delivery

We say all this because today goes on sale YouTuber s Life 2 , the second installment of the saga that with its first installment wanted to make you feel young people who could role themselves with being one of their idols. The title was not a similar life simulator, but with a playable loop that always covers uploading videos and a theme impregnated by the troops of this world of content creators.

As a good second installment, YouTuber s Life 2 makes it measure everything . At the top level, a level rise occurs, while the title is inspired by one of the greatest successes of last year as animal Crossing is to offer us a much more and immersive experience.

The argument thread places us having passed the previous video game in our house, which makes us receive an invitation for Newtube City , an island to which the great youtubers of our time have moved, and that is designed to satisfy your needs; Both creative, and standard of living.

The Utopia YouTuber

YouTuber s Life 2 makes that exercise so interesting, usual in film and video games, which is show things as you think they are and not as they really are . I explain: the game looks for showing the world of youtubers and their day to day, as the players believe it is, and not as it is really. It is not that we are experts in this area, but we can agree all that Newtube City enters the field of fantasy and not the documentary video game.

This fact is not negative or positive, it is simply. Because what the game is looking for is to offer enough things so that we believed to be within a youtuber utopia, but also serve the playable loop and put on the table enough tools to fulfill our expectations and that the title is not lame.

There is a message after the Go Pro and the Yeti

Of course, it might seem that YouTuber s Life 2 is a constant cameo of celebrities YouTuberiles in the torrent style, and nothing further from reality. We do not say this because there is no favorable, that there is and I think it is so celebrating as a soccer game has the licenses of players, teams and competitions, but do things are counted through the mechanics . It is not an empty game that wants to be an equal entertainment of anything.

We say this because The first moment of the game is totally significant . Your first video, uploaded with illusion, probably not even four I like it. This is an interpellation to a player who surely wants to make his dream come true and live uploading content to the Internet, to tell him that it is not as easy as it seems. Similarly, the best way to grow is to follow the trends that are marked at the beginning of the day at the beginning of the letter. We are present slaves.

Even though the energy system and the duration of the days can add some frustration to the gameplay, since we will not arrive at all, we will soon see that there is not too much urgency and that we can take the title in a relaxed way. It is appreciated, because we do not stop being those who marked the rhythm of growth of our channel or our organization when it comes to climbing content. Yes, it is noteworthy that secondary missions gofer not add more than one more way to get the game s currency, and we miss the specialize power in certain types of content earlier in the adventure.

But in general, it is quite complicated not to be satisfied with YouTuber s Life. We are talking about a game that grabs a good playable idea and the house with a totally successful theme and well taken. If we add this to the great promotion campaign that you have in the hands of content creators, it surely runs out to be one of the most popular titles of these dates.