Best Pep's motivational team talk in Manchester City's dressing room II
Hardly any expert still believes in a whereabout of Erling Haaland near Borussia Dortmund beyond the coming summer. After all, with Manchester City, a last club traded as a promising candidate should have bad cards at the BVB scorer. Reason for this is obviously team manager Pep Guardiola.

Between 75 and 90 million euros, the exit clause in Erling Haalands should actually be until 2024 dated contract at BVB in the coming summer – at first glance almost a bargain price for the 21-year-old Norwegian, who already deals with his achievements in the past months has played in the illustrious circle of the world s best center forces.

In addition, however, the hearing is still a horrendous salary demand. Rich 50 million euros per year is to call Haaland s occupant consultant Mino Raiola for its currently at the moment by a distance of hypotest clients – an insurmountable economic hurdle for many clubs.

Zoff between Pep Guardiola and Haaland Consultant Mino Raiola

England s Master Manchester City could probably take both the transfer for Haaland with the Sheikh millions from Abu Dhabi, as well as its salary requirements. But although recently repulsed rumors, the interest of the Sky Blues around the Still BVB star is extremely large, seems unlikely to transfer to Manchester.

According to image reporter Christian Falk, this is the manifestly highly cooled relationship between Raiola and ManciS Team Manager Pep Guardiola in the way.

Both in 2010, in the course of the exhaust of Raiola-Schützling Zlatan Ibrahimovic, had diverted by Guardiola at FC Barcelona. The player agent even glad to be public to the Spanish success coach to be a wrong dog .

Good news for the BVB – or for the FC Chelsea?

According to Falk, negotiations between the Haaland side and City are still likely. Raiola will only advise the Youngster to his change to the Etihad Stadium when Guardiola and Co. a financially significantly lucrative package than the competition cords. Do not happen, Be City s promotion of Haaland little promising, so the journalist continues.

For example, Champions League winners FC Chelsea could benefit from the animosities between Guardiola and Raiola with the former BVB coach Thomas Tuchel. He had recently admitted to Mino Raiola Image that Haaland had already been the topic with the blues last summer – and in the future could be back.

But the BVB is also likely to register the latest revelations positively if MANCITY actually fails as a serious applicant for Haaland s services.