The speech of the rivers of blood (Rivers of Blood Speech) is pronounced on Saturday, April 20, 1968 by the British politician Enoch Powell at a conservative gathering in Birmingham.
Written to oppose the project of the Labor Party s racial relations law which aims to make it unlawful to refuse a housing or a person to a person because of his skin color, Powell advocates to stop immediately the arrival of Non-white immigrants in the United Kingdom, especially those from the Commonwealth countries, and to put in place a re-emigration policy for immigrants already present. In the event of an increase in the non-white population and the establishment of anti-discrimination laws giving immigrants a privileged or specific status, it fears the appearance of quarters or cities completely populated by immigrant populations where they do not Integrate more but will reproduce their original society and where the whites would be unwanted. Citing the example of the United States, which in the 1960s seem to be at the edge of the ethnic war between whites and blacks in the context of the civil rights movement, it considers that too much influx of immigrants can not lead in the short as racial riots on their part and the feeling of dispossession and discrimination of white populations, and longer term to a partition of the country and a civil war.
Powell himself named his text speech of Birmingham but he became known as the speech of the rivers of blood , although the expression rivers of blood is never pronounced but is an allusion to A verse of the seedish of Virgil he quotes: I contemplate the future and I am filled with fright. Like the Romans, I confuse the scumping tiber of blood . Other sentences have a lot marked the audience of the time such as in this country, in 15 to 20 years, the blacks will dominate the whites, we must be crazy, literally crazy to bind, as a nation and I feel like looking at this country frantically raising his own funerary pyre .
The discourse causes a political storm and makes Powell one of the most discussed and controversial politicians of the country, and conducted the next day to his limogear of the ghost cabinet by the leader of the Conservative Party Edward Heath. To protest against his foreclosure, many of the country s dockers go on strike and claim his return. This workers population, however traditionally of labor vote, believes that the subject of immigration goes beyond politics and that it is the future of the nation and the people. According to most of the testimonies, the popularity of Powell s ideas has been able to play a decisive role in the surprise victory of the Conservatives in the 1970 general elections, although Powell has become one of the most fierce opponents of the Heath government. With just after the Beatlemania, the Beatles also make up Get Back song to mark their opposition to Powell s speech.
The speech has so marked and divided the British society of the time, between those who consider it realistic and premonitory and those who consider it as racist and provocative , which he had for unexpected consequential To render taboo any national debate on immigration for more than one generation, and the name of Enoch Powell has also become sulphurous in Great Britain than that of Jean-Marie Le Pen in France.
The term Enoch was right (Enoch Was Right) is now universally known in the United Kingdom and is frequently used by the opponents of mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamization in the country.

The WoW Streamer and Youtuber Preach is currently making its first steps infinal Fantasy XIV and recently received an insight into the role-playing scene of the MMORPG. He went on a party to open a club and was excited.

This is the situation soon:

In recent months, many streamer and Youtuber have started FFXIV. Some of them have previously played WOW beforehand, including Asmongold and Belullar now also a Preach, which was a passionate WOW player for many years.
His first opinion of the MMORPG was mixed. While he found the story of the game and especially on the big final in patch 5.5. Have fun, he was absolutely not convinced of the gameplay.
Now, Preach was invited by some FFXIV players from the RPG community to see the opening of a nightclub. They wanted to show him how to celebrate the FFXIV players Ingame.

And this opening has left a really thick impression in the streamer.

Hundreds of players and a real DJ

This is the location: On the European data center Chaos was a few days ago. The Night Club Black Sapphire on the Moogle server invited all players to the great opening party and they had it in themselves.

For the opening a large house in the Housing area Kelchkuppe, which belongs to the free society Gem , was adorned with fit and decorated with furniture.

There is an entrance area with reception and wardrobe for the guests
Relax area with hot baths and individual rooms for the players
In the basement, there is a dance area with a stage for demonstrations and a bar, where the players can order drinks

In addition, the nightclub has a whole range of employees who take care of the guests. It starts with bouncers and receptionists and gentlemen, goes through the operation and bartender, and ends with dancers who offered guests on stage a show.

According to the information of the Club team, about 200,000,000 Gil went for the establishment. For many players, it s an astronomical sum of money.

So the opening party: Before the start of the party, a huge snake had formed before the entrance. Hundreds of players had surfaced at the opening, some were native to the server Moogle, others came from other servers of the Chaos Data Center.

At some point, the location actually reaches her limit and could not take more guests, because there is an obarries for the maximum amount of characters at the Housing in FFXIV. Accordingly, the party was relocated outside and the players celebrated in the garden of the house or in the center of the goblet cat.

In addition, there was even a real DJ, who has launched live on Twitch live. The Streamer Djmannmade (via Twitch) played remixes from popular tracks from FFXIV like Shadow Bringer or hits from the 90s like Blue by Eiffel 65.

The party lasted for more than 6 hours and in the night club of the nightclub many players have thanked for the cool experience and leave nearly 1,000 likes:

FFXIV - Preach's Club Night - Part 1
I can not express how cool it was.

That was the reaction of Preach: Before the opening, the organizers of Black Sapphire contacted the team of Preach and asked if he would like to be at the celebration and stream them. He took the invitation because he could not imagine it according to his own statement, as such an Ingame party could look like.

In a video, the longtime WoW streamer and Youtuber Preach describes his experiences at the party and is in places so enthusiastic that he finds no real words.

It was an absolutely crowd of people all danced, savvy had and partyed. It was the best Mogs [meant are glamours] I have ever seen […]. It was really crass, people just had an incredible fun, while this horny music has played. And it went for hours. I really have to say: incredible and immense fun.

In the gaming community, role play in MMORPGs is often associated with Erotic Roleplay) and therefore calls for one or the other more negative associations. Also, Preach belonged to this. After his own statement, he just awaited sex and bad ERP at the event.

Accordingly, his surprise was great over the party and the variety of role play. So the streamer tells that the celebration has calmed down a bit after some time and the guests simply continued with their RP:

There were people who just have to talk normal in groups
the classic Lalafell dance circle,
People who operated cosplay. Elvis, Jaina from WoW and the Streamer Dr. Disrespect,
People who have put drunk
a rauscheiffer, who has drunked drunk people,
a suspicious type that seems to sold drugs and much more

It felt for the streamer like a real, real party. Only with more huge chocomoppel heads and frog costumes. You can watch the full video of Preach here:

And although Peach himself did not make much role-playing, he was overwhelmed by the general atmosphere and the amount of participants. He was grateful to the organizers for the experience because he has experienced such a thing in any other MMO, so preach in his video.

In the end he realized that he would definitely experience such a party once again. As an option, the New Year s celebration came up.

Have you ever participated in the role-playing game in a MMORPG or even stayed with such a celebration? How do you find Black Sapphire and the party that was thrown there? Write it to us in the comments.

In another stream, a controller modder has demonstrated its skills in FFXIV with a ring fit:

Modder plays Final Fantasy XIV with the Ring Fit Controller, traversing a whole continent