After 7 years, the conflict is escalated by the German Youtuber Rainer Drachenlord Winkler (32). A court in Nuremberg has sent him to two years imprisonment for dangerous personal injury and other crimes. While Winkler senses the verdict as unfair, he had only resisted – competing others the verdict with Hohn and Mock. You see life Winklers as a mix of reality show and game, the Dragon Game .

That s the conflict:

The Youtuber Dragon Lord has talked about everything possible at the beginning of his career, with strong dialect, often provocative, hurt and not sure. That pulled a group of people who made fun of him openly.
As one of these Hater in 2014 threatened to make his address publicly, Dragenlord came before: Winkler released the address himself and demanded people to drive home to him.
Over the next 7 years, the Drachengame – people from all over Germany traveled to the Dragon Lord, provoked and harassed him. The situation in front of his house escalated more and more. According to the police, she has to move away several times a day. It became a burden for the whole place.

He was now convicted: The court in Nuremberg saw it as proven that the 32-year-old has beaten a man with a flashlight on his forehead. He also raised another with a brick and offended policemen.

Winkler had been convicted in 2019 because of a pepper spray attack to 7 months imprisonment. Some of the actions, because of which he was now charged, he committed during the probationary time.

The prosecutor had challenged two years and 6 months imprisonment. His antithesis had pleaded at a probationary sentence of a maximum of two years and a fine.


The judge decided on two years imprisonment and leaned a double probation. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Youtuber senses prison sentence as unfair, have just resisted

So Dragon Lord responds to the verdict: In a 15-minute video, the Youtuber deals with his situation (via YouTube). He feels the verdict as unfair. Because he is under enormous psychic pressure, is constantly being physically and verbally attacked by his Hattery. From his point of view, he had rang only against people who invaded his property and offended him.

He also says: He could not work out the social hours imposed on him, because no facility wanted him to leave the state-prescribed social hours with them. You have feared the medial turmoil .

Dragon s Lord is now planning his life. He sold his house and wrecked his Youtube activities.

Was a nice season final, thanks to all

This commented on the case of the Hafer : Under the YouTube video you will find some comments that make it clear that you see the case Dragon Lord as a kind of TV series and amused. Users write:

The authors always ensure surprises in the game, wonderful
A Super Season Final.
What a nice season finale, thanks to all.

Many are constantly funny about the dialect of Dragenlord and throwing him with Häme. They speak of it, he would now be cleansed and see themselves as a winner of the Dragon Games. (Via Twitter) others point out what a worse person is Dragenlord. He deserves everything. Thus, they also fight against criticism of their behavior.

About the process against Dragenlord tweeted under Nuernbergerprozess: an allusion, which was perceived by some as disgusting and the most prevalent over the grouse of the Nazis.

Absolutely outstanding example of hatred in the net

See the other: Deutschlandfunk quotes the media scientist Christian Gürtler from the University of Erlangen. The Dragon Lord calls a single case and a phenomenon that is not comparable to nothing. He says it was an absolutely outstanding example of hatred of the net because the hate continues offline.

On Twitter prophesent a user: The Haters would soon realize that their full life content is in prison for 2 years and they have to deal with their own miserable existence.

While many Häme is sluggish on Dragon s Lord, there are also voices that say that although they find Dragenlord bad, but his Haters would have managed over the years to become worse than their hate object.

In fact, there is little comparable to the fate of Dragenlord. In the US, a conflict is similarly escalated:

Stalker comes to the house of a Youtuber and insults him – the shoots