Thorgan Hazard preserved Borussia Dortmund at the cup compulsory task against Ingolstadt in front of a painful post-seats.

André Schubert had at least tried it in old bonds. I told Thorgan at the resolving, he should make a nice slow, the coach of FC Ingolstadt reported after 0: 2 (0: 0) in the DFB Cup at Borussia Dortmund. But he did not hold.

On the contrary. Because Thorgan Hazard, a top player, a top-boy with great character, as Schubert assured Schubert from Joint Monchengladbacher times, finished the fruit chest of the defending champion only 120 seconds after his interiors with the guide gate (72.). Now it would be important that he stays healthy, said his coach Marco Rose.

The Belgian National Hazard preserved the personally severely struck BVB in front of a unnecessary such as powerful post-seats in the drunk home game against the second division tail light.

Thorgan Hazard double sends Borussia Dortmund into German Cup third round | Highlights | ESPN FC

Nine minutes later, he laid his second goal before the Mini-Backdrop of 25,130 spectators from 25,130 spectators. That was lucky that there was no video proof, he said in a good mood.

Hazard at BVB without a fixed home

Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard, 28, born in La Louviere, has achieved in 81 missions for the Dortmund 14 goals and prepared 21 for which 25 million euros transfer would have been a little more for the BVB. The left outside dances on the border between master personnel and first guard s replacement players.

Sometimes it s easier to get me, he emphasized, after all, the Wacker fighting FCI had already been quite tired. Thus, the gates can be easily achieved, the evaluation were the shooter and his former coach but uninsed.

When I make two, I can always sit on the bench, said Hazard s wink, André Schubert laughed, He could have saved himself. But he does not.