Yousoufa Moukoko (born November 20, 2004 in Yaoundé, Cameroon) is a German-Cameroon football player. The striker already played as a twelve-year-old in the U17 by Borussia Dortmund and for the German U16 national team. His above-average benefits as a youth player made it known throughout Europe. For the season 2020/21 he moved up at the age of 15 in the professional chief of BVB and became the recent player of the Bundesliga (16 years and 1 day) and the Champions League (16 years and 18 days). Since 2021 he is also German U21 international.

Borussia Dortmund meets on Saturday afternoon (15:30 clock) in the Football Bundesliga on the 1st FC Cologne. BVB coach Marco Rose has to do without a further player due to injury due to in advance. Also Stammkeeper Gregor Kobel is still questionable.

Allrounder Emre Can fills the BVB-Lazarett, as head coach Marco Rose announced on Friday afternoon on the matching press conference: He has a muscle injury, which will go down to the country break. A small, but he will not play the next three to four games.

The German national team plays in the World Cup qualifier against Liechtenstein (November 10) and Armenia (14 November). Bitter above all that s why: Emre Can had recently fought back to muscular problems back to the team.

The BVB must also refrain from Cologne on midfielder Mahmoud Dahoud. The 25-year-old laboratory on an interior band strain in the knee, it is not enough for use on Saturday.

The use of goalkeepers Gregor Kobel, who had to fit in the cup against FC Ingolstadt (2: 0) due to a blessur. Rose will wait for the graduation training of Borussia. Cobel falls out, he will be replaced by Marwin Hitz.

But there are also good news about the BVB staff: the attackers Yousoufa Moukoko and Donyell Painting have once again reported and should try to replace the continued injured Erling Haaland. I m thinking that he is an option, says Rose about Sturmjuwel Moukoko: He made the burden training at the U23 at the U23, that was very good because they have trained very much. Then we will see for how much it enough.

+++ What are you trusting Moukoko? +++

I can not see in the boys, but we talk about possible operating times. How resilient is he? I think he s an option. He joined the loading training at the U23, which was very good because they have trained very much. Then we will see for how much it is enough.

+++ How does the mood change the coaching? +++

It weighs more than on. When the stadium is full, it is completely warring, which I say out there. Against Ingolstadt we were already clear to us that less. We had already thought that it will be hard. We wish that all come back, including the Ultras. This additionally gives us power, even in the course of the season. It is important that we have the fans who push us.

+++ What do you say about 5: 0 of your ex-team from Gladbach +++

That s probably no one, not even in this room, thought that something happens. That s football, that s nice. At Bayern, stopping the day – even because Gladbach has done it so well – nothing. Now everyone talk about it, that s cool.

+++ Is Hazard ready for 90 minutes? +++

We can now pass every single player in the squad: I m glad to have all the players. Toto is part of it because you always see its quality. As he recorded tempo as a wing player against Ingolstadt and always help us. The thing is: We always talk about one, two games. We have to start and respond to setbacks as we made it in Bielefeld.

+++ What does a six have to deliver? +++

Axel (Witsel) brings a lot of rest, takes a lot of responsibility. This is also important, also on the side of Jude (Bellingham) when we play with the double sect. We still have air up there, because Axel belongs as a six with it. But he gives us a lot of experience. I m glad we have him.

+++ How much spectacles can you allow? +++

We have to look a bit on it that it does not go too much ping-pong. It brings nothing to talk about too much control before. Then you are too passive. I remember the first games, for example against Frankfurt, with a lot of spectacle. We focus on winning the games and geting the guys fit again. I do not defend myself against spectacles and just wish that we shoot more goals than the opponent.

+++ is baumgart to emotional? +++

I do not see a friction point there. I sometimes look over and has to smile. It s fun to see him, even the emotions he lives. But I do not believe that there is a situation where we rub. If, then, then we give ourselves the hand.

+++ Why is Marius Wolf now so important? +++

Borussia Dortmund has certainly thought about why you get him. Marius had a really good phase in Frankfurt. His time here was not so good yet, was also borrowed at Cologne. Now he is back, also with another claim thinking. He has perceived his chance that I trust him. This has now designed to play a role because he, because we have many discontinued players. It is always the most important thing for a player that he knows he is needed. But we are at Borussia Dortmund and he has to stay tuned and develop. He is offensive to us a lot of good days, has good dynamics. He can also defend well, so can also play in the four-chain. He is a flexibly usable railing player we like very much.

+++ What about Kobel? +++

At Gregor, it has developed quite well. We did not have a team training now. After that we will decide that.

+++ How do you appreciate the work of Baumgart? +++

I know Baumi quite well, we made the football course together. He can infect a team with his simple and direct style. One is the emotional, the other is the content. He makes a very good job.

+++ How do you expect Cologne? +++

We know what to come to us, they like to play offensively. We want to keep you away from our goal. We play at home and are unbeaten there.

+++ How does the staff look like? +++

Marco Rose: Mo Dahoud is not an option, we did not get that. Back come Mouki (Moukoko) and Donyell (painting). He has coped well the workout. Emre Can will fail. He has a muscle injury, which will take himself to the country break. A small, but he will not play the next three to four games.

+++ Let s go +++

Chef Trainer Marco Rose has taken place, the press conference from Borussia Dortmund before the home game against the 1st FC Cologne begins.

+++ Cologne s modest Knipst as in old times +++

In eight give the rear team of Borussia Dortmund especially before Anthony Modeste. The Cologne striker is currently the life insurance of the Baumgart-Eleven, at the 2-0 cup victory against VfB Stuttgart, he achieved both goals. Apparently, the Effezh wanted to leave the French but not very long ago – for free. All information here.

+++ BVB expects returnees +++

The BVB must continue to renounce numerous players. Donyell painting, Youssoufa Moukoko and Gregor Kobel are likely to return to the squad against the 1st FC Cologne. Marco Rose will probably reveal more details about the staff at the press conference.

+++ BVB receives shape strong 1. FC Cologne +++

While Borussia Dortmund ranks a point behind Bayern in the Bundesliga, the 1st FC Cologne plays a surprisingly strong season after almost descent in the past season. After nine matchdays, the Rhine countries are in the eighth place. Courage is likely to make the two recent meetings with the BVB. So the Domstädter against the black and yellow in the last season got four points.