Tottenham Hotspur Arena is a football arena in the northeastern London Tottenham district, UK. It is with a capacity of 62,850 spectators the new house of the football club Tottenham Hotspur. It was partially built on the ground of the old stadium, the White Hart Lane, whose demolition was started in 2017. As a special feature, the new arena under the football field has a football area from synthetic grass, its own brewery, the lengthiest bar of England (Objective Line Bar) and also its own pet dog clad. The arena has been the place of NFL International Series because 2019. In the summer of 2020, the club with the The Dare Skywalk has opened a tourism tourist attraction on the roofing of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which supplies a 360 ° sight of London and the arena. The development of a new visitor landmark in London is wished.


Borussia Dortmund is considered one of the best addresses for hopeful junior players in European football. With U19 captain Dennis Lütke-Frie already scarrows the next top talent with the hooves and dreams of a professional career at the BVB.

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Each of us knows that one comes only with 100 percent, where you want to go. Only with 80 percent can you quickly fall on the snout, said the 18-year-old midfield jewel the Ruhr news.

As a captain of Dortmund A-Juniors, he is responsible for all right on the square. I do not take this role as a pressure, but fill with fun. And if with or without bandage – I always give everything anyway Lütke-Frie, who already plays his eleventh season at the BVB.

In view of a possible trancaptain Dennis to the professionals, he does not feel pressure according to their own statement. Clearly you know that it is a year in which you have to prove. But if the services are right, the rest comes from all alone, says the young talent.

Tempo at the BVB professionals again higher

The past summer training camp completed Lütke-Frie already with the team of coach Marco Rose. The pace is again higher at the professionals and mistakes will be punished directly. Do you do two misfortune in eleven against eleven, you know that it rings when Haaland and Reus stand in front, said German Junior National Players. Due to the time in the training camp, it becomes aware that you still need a lot to arrive at the top. But it is also an incentive to create it.

The requirements for its position in the central defensive midfield know the Youngster very precisely. A complete six consists of it, offensive and defensive positive effect on the game. But it is also about a good pascaptain Dennis, successful battle behavior and therefore to find playful solutions, says Lütke-Frie. Until the U15, I played as the center defender. That helps me now because you perceive the game differently on different positions.