Second in the Bundesliga, in DFB Cup and Champions League still full of this: the start of the season would have been much worse for Borussia Dortmund. Keeper Gregor Kobel still looks room for improvements. From titles, the number one of BVB does not want to talk yet.

German champion to become of course a dream, Kobel said in an interview with the Swiss Look. And keeping title in Dortmund always the goal. But now we win in all competitions, as often as possible, and then we look where we end up, explained the goalkeeper who would rather want to talk to words instead of words, because : By talking, nobody has won titles yet.

With the start of the BVB, the keeper is in principle satisfied. Much more than okay is the yield of the first weeks in his opinion but not. We could have been able to win more often, have some points left, lamented Kobel, but the bottom line but still stated shortly and close: It fits.

Gregor Kobel complains too much BVB drama

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Whether the Dortmund can encounter Bayern this year from the throne, the Swiss could not say. However, he promised, We work hard for it.

Cobel looks for improvement potential, especially in his territory: preventing goals. The many counterparts nerves the final man. We try to change that. We still have drama too often, the 23-year-old credited the often missing slot of BVB.

A player who can not precipitate these missing slot is striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian is also the personified Torgarantie of Black-Yellow this season. For him, Kobel is in rights.

A horny striker. Incredible, what he has on it and how far he is already in his age. Fast, strong in the end, big, strong. If you want to carve a striker, he would come out, the BVB goalkeeper The superstar, which in his opinion is also next to the place a good type.