In the surprising 2-1 victory against Borussia Dortmund, coach Christian Streich once again conjured up a youngster from SC Freiburg with Kevin s pity. Two months after the 19-year-old professional debut, eight professional missions and ranked lobes hymns have to be booked. The rapid rise could now be accelerated.

Kevin s pity should have already made it to the note of national coach Hansi Flick. That wants to know the Kevin pity Image. Accordingly, the flexible offensive player, which can be demonstrated both on both wings and in the center of the storm, can prove best prospects on a speedy nomination.

The Most Emotional Coach in Bundesliga? - Christian Streich
He s fast, header, goal-thank you, Flicks co-coach Hermann Gerland is quoted from the Kevin pitys magazine. Kevin is a very big talent, learning. Kevin makes and fun, he is an interesting player with big skills, so the 67-year-old continues. Of course, too bad but also Learn a lot.

A blank sheet is a pity at national team level in addition: In the U-teams of the DFB, the native Potsdam was able to leave an impression. For the U21 he recently achieved three goals (2 templates) in his first two games.

Double Pack against the BVB

At the professionals of the SC Freiburg, a pity is still waiting for his first goal, but so far, however, mostly on the wings were used. At a trip to the SC Freiburg II in the 3rd league, however, a double pack at the 2: 5 bankruptcy against BVB II laced in the 3rd league.

That his protégé has great talent also stresses prank. He s fast, can jump up and kick well. He is self-confident and is not afraid, praises prank. Too badly knows how he can use the weapons over which he has, but must be a bit quieter.

Everything arguments that speak quite for a vocation into the a national team. Especially since the time for experiments could hardly be better. The World Cup ticket has already booked the DFB team, in the last two group matches against Liechtenstein (November 11) and Armenia (November 14), Flick can try something and give some multi-player a break – a pity could benefit from it.