In the summer of 2017, Jadon Sancho moved to Borussia Dortmund, made his first steps in professional football at BVB and rose in record suspects to the absolute service provider. In 2021 followed the million-heavy return home – and the young end of the cometary ascent.

After years of thaw committed to a lot of money to shape an era at Manchester United, Jadon Sancho at Old Trafford is currently only the role of the bank warmer. Just 520 minutes, the wing sprayer was so far for his new employer on the grass. The sobering yield: 0 goals, 0 templates. Given seven missions in the Premier League, Sky Sancho baptized 007. Spott, who is not likely to do the struck ego of the 21-year-old.

The next neck stroke took place on Thursday: as a national coach Gareth Southgate announced his squad for the upcoming country games, the name of the former BVB airfailor, which was allowed to participate in the Three Lions at least 23 times.

Although it was charged to support his protégés and give them back, this support can not apply to eternal, Southgate declared demand. There must be the point where you say: We have to nominate players who regularly play. It does not make sense to bother someone when we believe we can not use him. A surprisingly clear announcement towards the noble reserveist.

from the future to the part time player

For Premier League Legend John Barnes (549 missions for Watford, Liverpool, Newcastle and Charlton), by the way, there is a reason that Sancho suddenly landed on the siding: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese was committed to a surprisingly surprisingly on the target straight of the summer transfer window. The fact that the Portuguese in the team will take the role of the superstar in the offensive and demand, should never have been in question. Much more drastic than with the commitment of the 36-year-old could hardly spread the attempt to build a young, hungry and in the long run.

Sancho was told that he was the future, but now he is a part-time player, it brings Barnes to bonuscodebets to the point. Sancho to get, not really a mistake, the purchase of Ronaldo in this context, however, probably already. Sancho came for 85 million euros to take over the main role in attack, now he sits on the bench and can not show what he is able to be able, says Barnes. The balance at United Voice no longer after the CR7 deal.

Borussia Dortmund walked the plank and it almost broke Jadon Sancho | VR Challenge E01
It is clear, with nine goals in twelve inserts Ronaldo does not make any doubts about his exemption role, but the Portuguese also acts as a center forces, on the wings would be quite still for Sancho.

So maybe it s not just the circumstances that Sancho has left the fast lane for the time being.

Marc Affeldt