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A YouTuber wanted to see how well a refrigerator can cool hardware. But he has rebuilt the refrigerator. But that was hard work, and otherwise he had many difficulties.

That s the point: How well can actually cool a gaming PC, a fridge? This question has probably encountered a YouTuber. For the YouTuber Basically Homeless (1.3 million subscribers) has done just that, transforming a refrigerator in a gaming PC with GeForce RTX 3090th

Of course, not everything went smooth and Basically Homeless had quite a few problems he had to solve on the way to his gaming PC. Other YouTuber prefer to buy ready-made gaming PCs with which they but also have a lot of stress.

The ULTIMATE Mini Fridge PC Build (RTX 3090 Refrigerator)
moisture in the refrigerator is the biggest challenge

This was his first attempt: For he had started a test with favorable hardware (Ry zen 3 3200g and GTX 1650) and parked the hardware in the refrigerator a first test. But that did not work, because there were several issues that needed to solve the YouTuber.

What is the problem? The biggest challenge for the YouTuber s the humidity. Because the temperatures reach in the fridge the dew point, then condensation occurs in the refrigerator. And moisture for hardware definitely not a good thing.

In addition, the relative humidity in the refrigerator should not be too high so that the water inside the unit does not begin to thaw.

As he solved the problem? For this reason, he calculated how high the humidity can be up so that the dew point is not reached. However, for there was a new problem. Because by the drought and cold creates a natural static chamber and that is for computer components also a problem.

Anyone who has ever assembled a PC, knows that he is to electrically discharged prior to assembly. The problem he solved it, by the interior with antistatic liquid einsprühte. This liquid will cost almost as much as a graphics card with 700 US dollars.

The entire fridge action can you see in the official YouTube video. Here is the YouTuber how he turns the refrigerator into a gaming PC with RTX 3090th

The refrigerator temperatures in the gaming PC significantly reduces

At the first final test water entered again into the system, but the YouTuber could save his hardware and correct the error. At the following test then everything worked as planned

In a refrigerator, the temperatures in Apex Legends in 4K about 30 degrees lower than that of an air-cooled housing. The graphics card is under load around 30 degrees and the drinks in the refrigerator remain in a drinkable state.

Nevertheless, you should not imitate this action, because in the video you can see about that YouTuber apply some tricks needed to make the refrigerator for gaming PC. Among them is that which derives the moisture or a device for the humidity must connect. At worst, you can make your hardware properly broken — and this at a time when you have to pay thousands of euros for hardware.

How much of YouTuber has invested? Overall, the gaming PC has cost him US $10,000 in the refrigerator. But there are streamers, invest much more money in your setup. About a streamer of Faze clan gambled on a gaming setup for $30,000:

Streamer shows gaming setup for $30,000 — That can for as much money