After the 1: 2 defeat against RB Leipzig Borussia Dortmund is already four points behind the leaders FC Bayern. Record National Player Other Matthew now went to the court with the BVB and also criticized Captain Marco Reus.

That s, in all respect, not the scale for a potential title aspirant, Matthews wrote in his Sky column with a view to the performance against RB Leipzig and added: Something is just not true. Painting time always ignites Not yet and Captain Zeus publicly criticizes the tactic of the coach.

After the game, Zeus criticism had evidenced the Rose system after the coach had changed from five to triple chain at halftime. That s much better because we are much more active than in the differ chain. In addition, we have in the Fünfernkette a man less in the center, which can press with us. We do not really come clearly, so you have to clearly say that He stressed against Sky.

Matthew can understand Zeus frustration, but believes that such criticism in the system has nothing to look in public.

Bavaria wins in the afternoon, you lose themselves in the evening and are not satisfied with your or general tactical positioning of the team, the World Champion of 1990 gave the potential thoughts of Zeus again, but clearly asked: And yet one has to face the dissatisfaction Discuss the decisions of the coach internally.

It s just too little what the BVB offers again

In the previous season, according to Matthew, the BVB remains far behind the expectations. The point-cut of Marco Rose at BVB is fine for someone who has the goal of qualifying for the Champions League. But not for coaches, clubs and bosses, which finally want to become German champions again, says the 60-year-old.

Should the BVB not quickly get the curve and win the next games, it becomes very difficult with an exciting title fight, Matthews is safe and judged: It s just too little what the BVB offers again. The topic We had already often in recent years — no matter who stood at the sideline or the black-yellow jersey wore.

The injury spoken of the Dortmund wool Matthew did not apply as an excuse, but he acknowledged: Of course, the superstullman Haaland is missing, and you can not replace it.

Luxury problem at FC Bayern

At FC Bayern, apart from the Blackout in the DFB Cup, however, around. They are stable, playing well and have now also won the important duel against Freiburg, Praised Matthew, who sees a luxury problem at the record champion.

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