Germany: Eight BVB footballers give testimony in bus bomb attack trial
After the bombing on the bus of Borussia Dortmund 2017, Julian Wall was again the victim of an attack on the team last year at Benefice. Now the ex-BVB professional has spoken about the events.

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I sat down at the front — we have a two-story bus — and someone has thrown a stone from a bridge, and he has broken out, the 26-year-old remembered Sky to the events from June 2020.

The team bus of the Portuguese Top Club had been thrown on the way from the stadium to the training grounds with stones. Apparently, fans of their own team were responsible for the attack. Wall suffered as a result of the glass splinters, which flew through the bus, an injury to the eye. His teammate India Djokovic had to go in medical treatment.

Nevertheless, he was still lucky in misfortune, described Mail: I only got — in quotation signs — a few glass splinters in my eyes, but very little, so I can see quite normal, and luckily this stone was not flown on my legs.

The splinters were washed out in the hospital, consequences he has luckily not suffered, so five times national player. Significantly worse than physical impairments, however, have been the psychological burdens.

BVB bus on the way to the stadium with bomb attacked

The attack had at the moment of events for a kind of flashback to the bomb attack during his BVB time. I thought directly: Thats a bomb. I was with Sarah (Walls wife, note d. Red.) On the phone because we talked about the game. I only screamed: Treasure, né bomb, né bomb.

In April 2017, a criminal Russia bus attacked on the way to the Champions League game against the AS Monaco with three nail bombs. Defender Marc Barbra had broken his arm at that time, and several BVB players were suffering from bang trauma ta. The perpetrator is now in detention due to murder attempt.

In the meantime, however, he has processed the two incidents, described Mail: I do not know how or why, but Ive acted both right away. He could rise again without ulterior motive in the team bus and even sitting on the same place as at that time.