After three years at Borussia Dortmund, Thomas Delaney left BVB last summer and joined the FC Seville. But the Dane was also at Eintracht Frankfurt on the note.

According to information from the picture newspaper, Delaney was a candidate in the SGE in the summer transfer window. The Middle Field Man should remedy the injured captain Sebastian Rode.

Erling Haaland vs. Thomas Delaney: The Dortmund Triathlon
But a deal did not come about. Apparently because the 30-year-old was too expensive to Frankfurt Bosses. For six million euros, the BVB Delaney eventually sold to the FC Seville.

At the Spanish club, the former Welder professional is currently not an unreported regular player, was only four times in the league in the league. Already at the BVB, the left foot was more and more in the background. The Young Englishman Jew Bellingham and the strengthened Mo Aloud ran down the rank.

Instead of buying Delaney, Frankfurt threaded a lending of Dynamo Zagrebs Kristian Basic. The Hessian Bundesliga loudly charged for the 24-year-old loan fee. In the likely case of the Frankfurt classroom, a purchase obligation after which the SGE would have to transfer almost 3.5 million euros to the Croatian record champion.

Kristian Basic proves to be a direct hit

In Redress, Basic could convince so far. The uncompromising clearer in front of the defensive chain was mostly in the starting, for more than 90 minutes on the square and let the failure of Sebastian Rode almost forgotten.

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The 24-year-old Croat emphasized in his imagination itself: My strengths are the defensive game, the positioning game and the aggressiveness. I go to the end and I do not pull my leg back. Words he has so far in action.