Jason Malik Sancho (Camber well, England, UK, March 25, 2000), called Jason Sancho, is a British football player who plays a midfielder or striker at Manchester United F. C. of the Premier League of England. Created in the reduced categories of Watford FC and also Manchester City FC, he signed his very first major agreement with Borussia Dortmund in 2017. In his second period, he combined as a starter and was designated in the group of the 2018 Bundesliga period- 19. In the 2019-20 period he won the very first trophy of him after the victory at the German supernova versus Munich Bayern. He belonged to the Juvenile Option of England that won the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Mug as well as debuted with the absolute selection in 2018.

Frustration and disappointment are also sitting in the day after the Champions League at Sporting deeply at Borussia Dortmund. It’s not better this morning, says sport director ZORN about his view of the 1: 3, when he puts on Thursday morning at the airport in Lisbon the questions of the media representatives. Sporty, economical and for the prestige, the descent from the premier class in the Europa League means a severe incision. But time to let the happened to leave and collect new forces remains the black yellow. Already on Saturday the BVB must be at the VFL Wolfsburg Ran, a week later, FC Bayern is in the signal idea park. Heavy tasks, so, especially in view of the ongoing personnel problems, which also fell violently in Lisbon.

BVB sports director Michael Zorn over…

… that from: It’s a bitter moment, you have to say that so clearly. We have failed in the Champions League. Especially after we won the first two games, that’s just weak. It’s only possible sore.

… the reasons of defeat against sporting: We actually had more possession of the possession of the entire game. Sporting probably wonders today, as you could shoot the first goal. But we help with it. We defend too bad. We defend too bad and make too many individual mistakes that bring us back to us again and again. Then we missed us to turn that in the end.

… the fear that it could be a sustainable setback: There are now the next tasks in Wolfsburg and Bavaria, which are anything but easy. I believe that the team is now in the duty is.

Also everyone else who stood there on the court yesterday have the claim to enforce against sporting.

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Michael Zorn

… the staff situation: It’s all a reason, but still we have to survive the group in the end. That we just do not play a cream football, that’s clear for weeks. Nevertheless, if you look at it for several weeks and months, then you still have to survive this group. We did not do that. That’s why we’ve failed. Of course, Erlang Haaland has made only a Champions League game when it turns straight up, but still all the others who have on yesterday The place was the claim to enforce against Sporting. We did not do that because they were aware of their remedies, they used and made fewer mistakes.

… the point reference for Eyre Can: I have not seen the pictures yet. I can not say anything at the moment.

… the consequences of leaving: It is not only financially, but also athletic and also a setback. We have to clearly grant that. In this situation, coming from Corona — and we do not know what’s in the Next weeks — because you have to come very far in the Europa League to compensate for economically. It is a tough setback.

… the failure of Raphael Guerrero: He felt muscle problems. We have to look, it’s already Thursday, if that’s enough until Saturday. Nothing broke.