Football Bundesligaister Borussia Dortmund failed in the Champions League crazing. The early group-out revealed ruthlessly that the squad of BVB will not meet international requirements in width. So in the team of coach Marco Rose find some players again, which are currently at best runners.

While Borussia Dortmund ranks only one point behind FC Bayern in the Bundesliga, the black-yellow in the Champions League no longer have a chance to progress. Due to the recent 1: 3 defeat against League crazinging, the Dortmund retires is already sealed.

The BVB started with two wins in the royal class. But at the subsequent bankruptcy against Ajax Amsterdam (0: 4, 1: 3) and in Lisbon (1: 3), the Bundesliga club presented itself susceptible to ideal and concentrated. The weak appearances also showed that in the squad of the BVB, a number of players found that could not meet the high demands in the past.

League crazing shows the disappointments in the Dortmund team.

Ranger (19, lending until 2022)

The lending business between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid may now be confidently referred to as a pure misunderstanding. After the Brazilian was already under Lucien Favre and Edwin Eric outside, the 19-year-old also plays a major role under Marco Rose.

In the current season, Ranger has so far completed 231 mutual pass minutes for the BVB. The magic yield: null gates, zero templates. The Mittelfeldmann does not look properly integrated into the Dortmund game.

In the away game against League crazinging, Ranger was surprisingly in the starting eleven, but his probation chance could not use (League crazing Note 4.5). In the coming weeks, the Olympic champion should back in the background. Even a premature loan can not be excluded from media reports.

How To FIX Borussia Dortmund!
He can help the team with his style of play that would have been urgent needed in some games, Ranger’s father Mauro Brasília said to Spot and Goal at the end of October. At the BVB you seem to see this differently.

Nico Schulz (28, contract until 2024)

For 25.5 million euros, the left-back changer moved from the TSG Cofferdam to Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2019. The high transfer fee could not justify the former national player since then.

Meanwhile, Nico Schulz is only the backup of Raphael Guerrero. Even in this role, the 28-year-old shack presents itself, as the most recent defeat in Lisbon showed.

In front of the 0: 1 Schulz feared a bad patter when he misjudged a high ball and thus granted his op powering a free train towards the goal. Even during the break, the left-back of BVB coach Rose was replaced.

You can not even afford such mistakes in the circular class, said the ex-Dortmund Michael Rummenigge the left foot in the Kicker. With Schulz and Ranger in the starting elf, the BVB unfortunately have a very clear quality problem, said Rummenigge. Schulz ‘shares should continue to sink in Lisbon after the weak game.

Eyre Can (27, contract until 2024)

With great advance laurels Eyre Can came to Borussia Dortmund in Winter 2020. Finally, the native Frankfurter previously collected at the FC Liverpool and Juventus experiences at the highest level. Accordingly, the BVB for the national player also had to transfer a whopping 25 million euros to Turin.

But a different player did not constitute CAN so far and even has to fight for his place in the team. On his favorite position in the central midfield Axel Wiesel and Jude Bellingham are considered as set. Therefore, CAN often act as a defendant. But in this role, the ex-Munich could not convince.

Even with the bitter Champions League-out, Can his team proved a bear service. After his dissolution to the break, the DFB-Profi rose to his opponent in the 74th minute completely unnecessarily on the ankle joint and saw the red card, which the game at the stand of 0: 2 forwards.

It is completely unnecessary, because to react so, Dortmund’s League crazings director Michael Zorn with a view of the scene said. It was not the first time that CAN lost the nerves in an important duel. In his first ten king class lots for the BVB, the trained Mittelfeldmann saw two place and also caused two penalties. The hoped-for leadership is exuded by CAN way too rare instead.

Felix Passplack (23/2023) | Ansgar Klaus (19/2023) | Steffen Tinges (23/2024)

Even the young players of BVB are still fighting form problems this season. For Felix Passplack and Ansgar Klaus, Rose has hardly used this season and prefer more experienced players like Marius Wolf.

Despite the injury from Erlang Haaland, Steffen Tinges was also in the background despite the injury of Erlang Haaland. Although the trio can ensure relief in the Bundesliga, but it is (yet) not enough for higher tasks. At the same time it is clear: The weak performances in the Champions League are not to be tight to pas slack, Klaus and Tinges. Jannie Tube