FC Bayern goes as a leader in the Bundesliga top game at Borussia Dortmund next Saturday (18.30, live! At Dortmund). Another column in the current table was Julian Nagelsmann after the 1-0 win against Armenia Bielefeld but also important.

Now we are also the most stable defense of the league, the Bavaria coach had registered immediately after closing. Stand before the match day Freiburg and Mainz in this regard still before the reigning master, no team is now better, Freiburg and Leipzig (which still receives Leverkusen today) are equal with 13 counterparts.

Nagelsmann like this time the discipline in his own possession

The zero against Bielefeld also suggested Nagelsmann as valuable because there are a few discussions about the compactness that his team had been accompanying for weeks and that had just fueled the 1-2 defeat in Augsburg.

In many points we did not do so well in Augsburg — and why we also got two goals — we have increased today, said Nagelsmann satisfied on Saturday night and, above all, said the counterpressing and the discipline in his own Ball possession.

Neuer Julian Nagelsmann Interview Nach Dem Spiel Bayern München 1 vs 0 Arminia Bielefeld 27/11/2021

He even went so far to say, What the structure is concerned, the position cast, it was with one of our best games. That’s especially essential against deep opponents. If it’s a long time: 0, it is important that you do not get a counterattack or not collect many standard situations against you. So Leroy Seines Gate (71.) was enough for three points. It was Bavaria’s first 1: 0 victory in the league since that in Leipzig in early April.

Nagelsmann looks at Trio Extreme Single Games Increase

What Nagelsmann also liked: We had an extreme single-game creature for some players. Benji Award played great today, Coco Polish has played well today. And Jamal (Musial, note d. Red.) Has well done after his compensation.

They all made sure that Manuel had to show new little spectacularly to stay without goal for the first time for about a month. We are very happy about it in the defensive, said the goalkeeper and created a new term for the scarce, deserved result at Sky : It was a maximum minimum victory.

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