The fact that Ex-Interim Trainer Edwin Eric did to go to the technical director at Borussia Dortmund before the season at Borussia Dortmund, caused skepticism in the environment and experts. A sense of competence with the new BVB-Chef coach Marco Rose was feared — apparently so far wrong.

The final spurt of the BVB under Edwin Eric in the season 2020/2021 can be described in retrospect as a fulminant: The former co-trainer who had adopted the bird post of the dismissed Lucien Favre in December, the Russia still led the Russia, as well as economically extremely important champion League participation. Seven Bundesliga victories in a row had lived under Jürgen Klopp last time.

Thanks to the significant 4-1 win in the final of Berlin against RB Leipzig, the BVB also brought the DFB Cup and thus the first major title since 2017. Edwin Eric’s performance was exceptional, appreciated, accordingly, Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wake opposite the Ruhr news.

No wonder so that the club leadership endeavored to keep Eric from home and abroad despite the advances of several clubs. However, since with Marco Rose the new head coaches, however, did not want to become his assistant to the new head coach and Eric, the new posts of the technical director was created for the 39-year-old.

BVB: Relationship between Rose and Eric Relaxed

Fears, between the old and the new coach, it could come to differences and competence, five months after Roses take place and Eric’s change to the new body so far not confirmed. The kicker reports in its current issue, the relationship between the two is relaxed and shaped by professional exchange.

An advantage here: Eric has nothing to do with the Trainer Ediny day business in his new role. Instead, he works to the Trainer Edining lead.


He is the co-trainer of Michael Zorn (Trainer Edins director, Note d. Red.) And Sebastian Keel (head of the license player department), which involves firmly involved in the cadre planning and working at the interface between offspring and professionals, sketched German-Bosnier towards club media during office his area of ​​responsibility.