Many well-known faces from the Bundesliga now play largely unnoticed by German media abroad. Today in the Jadon Sancho ramp light: a duo that once wanted to start at Borussia Dortmund, but did not find his luck at BVB.

The fact that a certain Jason Sancho Manchester City returned the back at the end of August 2017 at Borussia Dortmund, in a record-sensitive time to the service provider rise and the BVB rinsed with his farewell four years later, rinsed 85 million euros in the cash registers, one should be in black and yellow Environment still like to tell in many years. Which should hardly be considered: Sancho did not come alone.

A few days before the wing player, with the three years older Dental Road changed another English talent of SANITY — as the first Englishman at all — to BVB.

At that time 20 years old, Road was previously at the youngest teams of the top clubs Tottenham Hotspur and FC Arsenal under contract and represented the English U16 and U17 selection. That the deal, unlike the purchase of Sancho’s, nevertheless secretly, quietly and quietly went on the stage, was primarily because Russia had little interest in hanging the supposed coup to the big bell — for good reason.

In the middle of its best phase, Road was braked by a break of the fifth middle foot bone. The infringement at first glance turned out to be martyrdom. A conservative treatment did not start, an OP was necessary, an inflammation worsened Boats condition. There was the point I thought, I could never play again. Then came the point I believed that I could never run again, explained the offensive player to the Manchester Evening News.

Only in 2016 Road returned to the lawn, the change to Dortmund also made a kind of escape from the evil memories there. Playing Road in Dortmund again, trained in his first season even with the pros: 29 missions for the second team remained the highest of feelings. In 2019 his contract was not extended.

Shortly thereafter, Road dared the next reboot in the fourth English league, but he could not take foot. In January 2020, the native of London drove to his farewell. A new club has not knocked on since then. From one at the other moment, football Europe Road had lost sight of her eyes, exploring Record in January 2021.

Competition at BVB II unscrupulous

Unlike the attacker, Mustafa Mini has not completely disappeared from the scene of football. The change to BVB, however, did not show himself the best decision of his career for the aisle midfield player.

Between 2012 and 2015, Mini completed 57 lots (3 goals / 6 templates) in the 3rd league, in the match day gates of the professionals, however, the former national player of Australia made only five times without collecting a mandatory game second.

At that time, I was one of the best players of Australia and all watched me. In Dortmund, I was suddenly just one of many. That’s hard to process, said Mini in the summer of 2020 in an interview with Goal. The competition in the second team was also hard and unscrupulous.

In 2015, Mini finally left BVB and hired in the Danish House. There he completed over 120 inserts in five and a half seasons. With Aarhus GF he achieved 2020 even the profit of the vice-championship and thus the qualification for the Europa League. On the net, a video, which carried mini worn by the pendants of the club on hands and showing frenetically cheerful. The hero status did not last long.

After success, Mini decided to say goodbye to Denmark, probably due to the Corona pandemic, however, the market held back. The separation followed at the beginning of 2021, a new club found Mini only in August when he held at Apollo Limassol in Cyprus.

The top team awarded Mini shortly after the Keller kind Peek, on his debut, Mini continues.

Marc Affect