The fight for the championship was again none in the season 2017/18. With 21 points lead the FC Bayern Master before Schalke 04 But behind it was announced before the last match day high voltage.

With Dortmund (55 points, +19), Cofferdam (52, +16), Leverkusen (52, +13) and outsider Leipzig with 50 points Four teams fought for the move to the Champions League. Piquant: Cofferdam, at that time with coach Nagelsmann, hit the BVB on the last match day. The Kraichgauer won 3-1, but since Leverkusen won only with 3: 2 against Hanover, both teams were allowed to celebrate in the Kraichgau in the royal class.

Fußball-Bundesliga: Bayern im Spitzenspiel gegen BVB - mit Beschränkungen!

A victory against Dortmund — it was a feeling of happiness, the Nagelsmann never experienced in league and trophy again. For the first time he approached the Westphalia on February 28, 2016, in Dortmund, despite appealing performance, it sat down 1: 3 defeat. Ten months later, in the season 2016/17, his Cofferdam only brought a 2: 2, the TSG had led twice and played 50 minutes in excess. After all, the first point for today’s Bavaria coach.

Apart from the three parts mentioned, Nagelsmann with Cofferdam against the BVB only two points in four games brought before he moved to RB Leipzig. But even with the Saxons it did not ran around the Brussels.

Two BVB bankruptcies in five days — one in Berlin

In the four league games under his aegis, RB was holding a point — and conceded eleven goals. The bitterest defeat followed afterwards, on May 13, 2021. Leipzig lost only five days earlier in Dortmund because of a late Goal of Jason Sancho with 2: 3, before the two teams in the cup finals in Berlin again set up. The BVB already led to the break with 3: 0 and finally crowned with a 4: 1 to the cup winner. Double packs of Sancho and Haaland caused an entered expression at the time 33-year-olds.

The BVB is so far a true fear opponent for Nagelsmann. Against no other team he has such a weak league point cut as against Dortmund (0.64 points / game). In eleven duels he brought only a victory with four draws and six defeats. Nagelsmann lost any other team otherwise more often than four times. The 25 goals are the highest value for him.

But a good omen is still available, because the recent compulsory game has won Nagelsmann against Dortmund — even with FC Bayern. In the Supercar mid-August, the FCB sat by 3-1 against the black and yellow.

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