Since the squads for non-EU foreigners at Real Madrid were already awarded, Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2020 made it possible to surprisingly the chance to borrow the Brazilian mega-talent Ranger from the royal. The deal was not the success story.

In his so far one and a half years at the BVB Ranger at least collected 28 compulsory matches (1 goal / 1 template), but was only for him certainly manageable satisfactory 570 minutes on the grass. Especially in the current playing time Ranger takes a very subordinate role in the black and yellow.

Once again, the demolition of the rental business is in the room. This time, Dario Go reports that the 19-year-old South American should have turned to the desire for Real Madrid to end the commitment prematurely. While it was not yet, the Dortmund would not put the project no stones in the way the report.

Vinicius Junior as a coffin on the scales

Clarity should bring talks in the coming days and weeks. These are probably still completely outstanding, a whereabout in the Ruhr area has not yet completely excluded. Thus, all parties have been composed of last year and ultimately decided against termination of the deal.

Decisive should be whether real can reduce its oversupply in the offensive. Among other things, Gareth Bale, Disco Alarcón, Eden Hazard, Mariano Díaz and Luka Join are traded as potential exhausting.

The most important dominoes in the decision is likely to be Vinicius Junior. The 21-year-old Brazilian is in view of Spanish citizenship. Should he receive this before the 21st of January, there was nothing in the way of reinvent?

Ranger’s father Mauro Brasília would at least welcome a farewell from Dortmund: He can help the team with his style of play, that would have been urgently needed in some games, Brasília, towards Spot and Goal recently the small operating times of his son At BVB.