The Borussia Dortmund (Ballspielverein Russia 09 EV Dortmund, [Note 1] noticeable/ Boʁʊi̯aː dɔɐ̯tmʊnt/ in German and also officially, or Borussia Dortmund abbreviated), or by its acronym BVB, is a professional stylish entity of The city of Dortmund, in the Rin-Ruhr Metropolitan Region, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It was established on December 19, 1909. It is understood for its specialist football section, which takes part in the Bundesliga, where it lies in the 3rd setting in the historic table with eight titles. At 2020, it has more than 154,000 companions, turning it right into the third club with a majority of companions in Germany. His slogan is Elite Liege, which translated ways real love.
It is among the most laureate clubs in Germany. In his palaces they stand out: eight Bundesliga, 5 of them skillfully, five glasses of Germany, 6 super copes at the national level; As well as worldwide, a collection of Europe (acquired in 1966, being the first German club to win a global title), a UEFA Champions League in 1997 and an Intercontinental Cup in 1997.
The acme in its history came with the end of the 1990s, when champ of the UEFA Champions League as well as the Intercontinental Cup was dedicated, along with obtaining 2 consecutive titles of both league and supernova in a span of 3 years. To now, it is just one of the few 2 German groups in consecrating club world champions (the other is Bayern Munich).

His stadium is the signal Idea Park (traditionally, the Westfalenstadion), with ability for 81,365 spectators (the largest in Germany), and is identified as a maximum group stadium by UEFA.
Borussia Dortmund plays Her Classier against Bayern de Munich, with whom he has played several titles, including the 2013 Champions Organization Final. This rivalry against Bayern began given that the years in which Dortmund won his First and still unique champ league, precisely in Munich. It likewise contests the Ruhr Derby versus his timeless historic Schalke 04 competing, with whom he has one of the greatest competitions of German football.

At the 2-3 defeat of Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern, Mats Hummels caught a raven-black day. For the central defender, it hailed fierce criticism.

He has crossed his peak, Ex-Bayern-Profi Dieter Honey judged Picture and continued: It will not be better now, which is also biodegraded.

Although Hummel’s had come away in the unfortunate situations in the top match a bit too bad, but you have to find that Mats’ best time is over, emphasized Honey and supplemented: It is indeed so if he is in fact Running duel comes, then he gets his problems.

Hummel’s are involved in all three goals of the BVB. He caused the controversial penalty with a hand game (raven-black day Note 5.0).

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The former Bavaria Chain of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also shared against Hummel’s. It is known that Mats has problems if he has to go in the running duel — that’s due to age, he said.

If the game comes to him, and he stands in the box, then it’s still good, so the former world-class striker: At the 1: 1 he looks bad, that’s clear. He can not do anything with the second gate That he is shot. At the third, if you already have no luck, bad luck comes.

Hummel’s career to sound ?

The critical tones also joined picture chief column Alfred dealer: He has problems when he has to go into the running duel. He was somehow involved in all three goals. I believe the big career of Mats Hummels is to sound.

That Hummel’s at the World Cup is in Qatar in the coming year, do not believe Honey or Dealer. I put on the thesis that Mats Hummels will not play a crucial role in Qatar, says the reporter.