Referee Felix Player is inadvertently brought into focus at the top match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern. BVB was great indignation, while Thomas Müller could understand the anger of the home side. Player founded meanwhile its decisions.

I can understand the frustration and the anger This is the bitter, that these scenes so decide an intense game. Müller said after the 3: 2 victory of his team in Sky.

The winning goal by Robert Lewandowski (78th) was the result of a controversial hand penalty kick, Mats Hummels had caused. Even on the field there had been heated discussions, coach Marco Rose was banished to the stands for dissent second yellow card.

For Müller the penalty was, however, the right decision. I’m making now probably no friends, but when I see the scene now, Hummel’s has been going out with his arm. I can imagine that in general training, the referee a penalty, he said. Even Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann then spoke of a non-controversial whistle.

Marco Reus felt the penalty for the Munich fair. I find that hard, I must say. Mats are really trying to walk with his head to the ball. Of course, he needs as his body, that’s quite clear, he said.

In addition, the BVB captain echauffierte that Player in a different situation — had not resorted to the screen on the sidelines — in contrast to the Hummel’s scene. Hernandez had pushed him in the 54th minute with a robust physical effort from the ball, which is why Zeus came in the penalty area.

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Eyre Can: What a shit penalty…

I asked him why he (Felix Player, editor’s note…), My Penalty scene does not look as he says, that would be only the upper body -. But without upper body I walk through, then he can nevertheless See Zeus said, pushing after reviewing the slow motion, Oh my God Oh yes in the game I did not think it was so clear, but now he has to at least look I see above the contact, but…. slow motion it looks naturally violent out. Too bad that he did not turn aside to look.

In a similar score also beat Eyre Can. In addition, Player have said on the court that it was not a handball. But the video referee has meant he is the look. Then he gave the penalty. I do not understand why he does not go out with us and that does not look, said the defender, stressing overlooking the alleged foul to Zeus: this is a very clear penalty Where is the contact with the ball, he just runs into his hacking, I do not understand.?.

It was a pity that such a shit penalty decides the game. Sorry to say it that way. I’m standing here, and we’ll talk again about the referee. It was in the past too often against Bavaria Bavaria. Today we had a great football game, then happened something -. That must not happen It’s just a shame that the game due to a decision for Bayern runs out, added can.

Haaland speaks of scandal — Bellingham attacked Player

Also, Erlang Haaland complained after the game and said the Norwegian channel Via play Football of a scandal. He asked the referee, why does not he just goes out and look. He said that’s not necessary. So arrogant… No, I have a bit to come down. Yes, he was arrogant. More I will not say.

In addition, the Norwegians responded to a tweet of the BVB News Blog on the official entry of the lot with a thumbs down to its evaluation of the performance of officials to clear a short time later.

Further Jew Bellingham went: The 18-year-old played at Via play Football on the football betting scandal in 2005, was involved in the Player.

Rose took refuge in sarcasm: The Player can still whistle again a few BVB We are ready, we are preparing for you can send us a few more stones and sticks in the way of throwing, we move on…

His dismissal, he also described as stupid. He had Player noted relatively emotionally that he was not really in several situations. Then you get a second yellow card.

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VAR Penalty: Player raises criticism

Player was referring to the play position. The game was not perceived me in no uncertain whether the arm was extended away from the body does not. That I clearly communicated to Cologne, he explained in terms of Hummel’s’ handball. The touch myself saw it right in the running game.

The video deferred judge told him that it was an unnatural hand movement of Hummel’s. Then I looked at the transaction on the monitor and decided that it is a criminal manual game, Player said.

The duel between Hernandez and Zeus declared Player with his line. The contact in the upper body area represents a robust duel, it was dealt with a situation, which is not black and white. The second question was whether there was another contact between Zeus and Hernandez: The video deferred is denied that there was another contact, which is why there was no On-Field Review, Player said. If the video referee had seen something else, he would have told me that I should check [the scene].

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To the yellow-red card against Rose, Player just said that it was a repeated unsportsmort. Everything else will be noted on the game reporting arc.