After his harsh referee criticism in the post of the Bundesliga top game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern, the DFB investigations against BVB-Youngster Jude Bellingham has recorded. Now the penalty was announced.

Will Jude Bellingham face punishment for criticizing referees? | Bundesliga | ESPN FC
Bellingham was earned by the German Football Association to a fine of 40,000 euros. The player of the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund has already agreed to the verdict, the judgment is thus legally binding, it says in a message.

The midfielder carried out after the controversial 2: 3 bankruptcy in the top game a verbal offset, as he weathered against the game line by referee Felix Player opposite the Norwegian TV channel Via play football.

One gives a referee who has ever moved games, the largest game in Germany. What do you expect? The English international Player threw right bluntly to manipulate the encounter.

Player was once involved in the referee’s scandal around Robert Holder, his role once studied the DFB as roughly ungamesmanlike. Player had known over a longer period of time that Holder has adopted money from Settings, but have reported this late.

Advertisement: BVB-Youngster threatens further unstressed

Before the verdict, the WAS already reported that the BVB of a fine for the misconduct, but not from a barrier. This would also have been possible.

The private person Bellingham threatens further uncomfortably. Referee observer Marco Haas reported reports of the mirror and the portal online.DE as a private individual advertisement in Dortmund and Berlin. The German Football Association has no knowledge of this, the control committee wants to examine Bellingham’s statements on games-related relevance. First, the picture had reported on the display.

These statements make all impartial up to the base on the circle level, the week for the week are on the road and ensure that the game operation is upright, and it is fair on our games courts, said Haas online.DE.