Pokemon Go is to take place in February 2022 a very special event: the Photo tour. Nothing is still known to the event, but the community speculates in social networks already about possible content. We from Mango show you what the trainers want.

What an event is? How Ni antic has announced about the Blog of Pokémon Go, there will be a Photo tour at the end of February (via Pokemongolive.com). This should form the spectacular completion for the current season — the season of the origin.

Now the Poke miners, a group of datinineers, have found first clues to this event that they divided on Twitter. Thus, the texts were deposited at the start and end time in the game code and also inserted a new image. This ensures first speculation in the community.

What is known about Photo tour 2022?

So far, Ni antic sticks back with the official information about the Photo tour. It is only known that they should take place on 26 and 27 February 2022 and is intended as a crowning completion of the season. In addition, a paid event ticket is needed for participation, but including the temporary research of the months of January and February.

As can be seen from the Twitter’s contribution of the poke miners, the information on the start and end of the Photo tour and a corresponding picture has now been stored in the game code.

In another tweet, they also provide the corresponding texts found. Accordingly, the following text was deposited in the source code: A ticket for access to the Pokémon Go Tour: Photo on February 26, 2022 from 9:00 to 21:00 local time, no matter where you are. (Via Twitter.com).

That hoped the coaches from Photo Tour 2022

The information relating to the Photo Tour now ensures first speculation in the community. There are numerous coaches on Twitter and Reddit express their wishes to the event.

Release missing shiny

One of the most common desires is the release of the missing Shiny of the Photo region. Some coaches are already looking forward to one or the other specimen. So Ace Br3ak writes on Twitter: Finally dazzling Manta and Corazón. (Via Twitter.com).

The User Standapokeman asks about Reddit directly, which Shiny from Photo are still missing (via reddit.com). In the comments, the user is referred to another contribution in which this question has already been answered.

According to Rev rush, the following Pokémon is missing in the Photo region:

Hoot hoot and Noctua,
Hoppers, Hubelupf and Persona
Schneckmag and Mag cargo
Rabat and Appear
Happy and orphan
Memories and Artillery,
The regional Pokémon Corazón

Regional Pokémon

Corazón: Apart from the fact that many coaches hope for the dazzling variant of Corazón, this monster is a regional Pokémon. It is usually not available in Germany. For this reason, some players want the opportunity to catch Corazón during the Photo event.

Easyhoney641 therefore asks Reddit: Corazón is for everyone? (via reddit.com). Dracarys1988 is convinced that it will be to be started in Raids (via reddit.com).

And on Twitter, Graham answers to Corazón for a joy post to Corazón: Yes, and I hope you save the [RAID] passports, because Ni antic will most likely use them in Raids as it is regionally exclusive. (Via Twitter.com).

Dearborn: Another regional Pokémon is Dearborn. This is also part of the Photo region and is usually only beginning to catch Latin America. Even with this monster, one or the other player hopes to catch it during events (via Twitter.com).

Further wishes and assumptions about Photo tour

But the Shiny and regional Pokémon are not the only wishes of the coach. For example, Azores hopes for new mega developments and writes on Twitter: Mega-Johto Monster ?? God, I hope (via Twitter.com). And reptiles speculates on a mega-despotar (via Twitter.com). Defender hopes again that it will be Mega-Skaraborn (via reddit.com).

On the other hand, special incognito suspects the word Photo: We will probably get incognito of the letter J, O, T and H. Only 2 new forms for me: / (J and H) (via Twitter.com).

How realistic are the wishes and assumptions?

Already 2021 there was a similar event in Pokémon Go. At this state, the canto region is the focus. With this event, the remaining shiny of the region came into play, which you can encounter since then. This speaks that Ni antic has planned a similar approach this year.

And also regional Pokémon could be found on the two event days everywhere in the world, because with other events Pokémon Go made possible this. However, these were mainly catching in Raids.

Whether Ni antic chooses a special Johto-Pokémon for the Mega Raid, but is still completely unclear. To equip all types with a mega development, a rock Pokemon would be missing. So that could speak for a mega-despotar. However, there are other possibilities from other regions to which Pokémon Go could rely on for a mega-rock Pokémon, such as pterodactyl.

What brings you the Photo tour in February ultimately for Spawns and Bond remains to be seen for the moment. As soon as there are new information about this event, it’s time to learn about Mango here.

What are you hoping for from the Photo tour? Do you think that finally all shiny of this region will be released? Or do you still have a different assumption what Ni antic has planned to this event? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

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