The very first Pokémon Go Tour event: Live will take place on February 27 from 10h to 18h, local time. This will follow the event in Pokémon Go Tour: Photo the previous weekend. The event will take place in three new cities around the world.

These new sites include Fundidora Marque in Monterrey, Mexico, Taiwan Lanterns Festival in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Was Bay in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. This is a paying event, with tickets at $25 US.

The event will be articulated around exclusive gaming opportunities and activities and rewards in person. Therefore, there will be real-world thematic habitats, extramarital trades, free raid passes, special research and more. There will also be bonuses in the game such as a reduced hatching distance and additional candies. In the real world, coaches can enjoy photos, lounges and exclusive products.

All this coincides with the Photo event of Pokémon Go, which celebrates the exit of Pokémon Gold and Silver. This event focuses on Pokémon in the Photo area, each with a brilliant version now available. This means that some will have a brilliant version for the first time in the game. In addition, this event includes special research tasks and more, as these events usually do.

Ready for *Gold & Silver* | Pokémon Go Tour : Johto | Get 100 shiny pokemons in tour Johto event.
It will only be the second live event in person as Pokémon Go organizes since the beginning of the pandemic. This follows the GO Fest 2021, which took over after an interruption of one year in July. There have been countless events in person for the game of augmented reality that help Ni antic to constantly blur the boundaries between the game and the reality. It is therefore good to see the events in person become the norm.

If you are in or near one of these places, make sure you check the Pokémon Go Tour event: Live next February. Which Photo Pokémon did you choose to be your starter?

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