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Out of 2018, Quantico Dream was wrapped in a controversial because several expert works of the company accused David Cage, one of the study managers, to promote a toxic work environment. After the recent revelation of Star Wars Eclipse, the community started a campaign to boycott this project until CAGE Renounce your position.

In twitter is trend the hashtag blackoutstarwarseclipse, with which they seek to boycott the previously mentioned game and not only that, but the community is also taking advantage of this space to protest the relationship between Lucasfilm Games and Quantico Dream.

Basically, the involvement of Quantico Dream and David Cage in Star Wars Eclipse is worrisome due to the reputation of both the study and the cage of fostering a toxic work environment as well as the prior declarations of Cage about women and the LGBTQ + community.

Eclipse will be set at the time of the High Republic, where the representation LGBTQ + is very marked, especially in comics. Said the above, fans believe that it is inappropriate that someone like cage is in front of this new game.

I support Blackoutstarwarseclipse. The High Republic has had Characters Queer and minorities at the head of their stories, and there is nothing more insulting, for the fans and scriptwriters who built it, that choosing to work with someone who openly hates people like the heroes of the High Republic.

Twitter Mob CAMPAIGNING To Cancel 'Star Wars Eclipse' - Are You Kidding??
At the time of writing, nor Quantico Dream NI Lucasfilm Games have been pronounced about it, but if the campaign begins to collect more strength, surely that somewhere in the future both companies will have to say something.

Editor’s Note: And it is that the controversy actually started from its revelation at The Game Awards, especially when Geoff Kafka sent a message aimed at companies with toxic environments, Tell Activision Blizzard, but even so they gave space for Quantico Dream announce this new game.