Only until the end of the year and exclusively for new customers is the Christmas offer of, in the course of which there is 83 percent discount on the two-year subscription for the VPN. So the subscription costs only 1.91 euros instead of 10.99 euros per month in the first two years. In addition, 3 months are free. Surf shark also gives interested customers the opportunity to book shorter periods, namely a single month or six months — but there is now or 50 percent discount compared to normal price.

Surf shark VPN for €1,91 / month + 3 months free discover

What makes a VPN?

A VPN (virtual network) allows the user to connect with the Internet encrypted. This helps to protect your own privacy and sensitive data. For example, the IP address is hidden, and the anonymity is maintained. For example, it can be eclipsed by its own location in the network surfing and accessing country-specific content (such as media available only in the United States), using Geoblocking locked websites are also accessible. Moreover, encryption also applies to mobile devices when used in a public WLAN connection. The VPN prevents the user from being bound via blocking at country-specific boundaries of the Internet. Source: surf shark

What does surf shark offer?

The VPN offered by enables the customer’s advantages. The user leaves no digital footprint, so can move freely on the Internet without being traceable. This is not only possible to use the Netflix range of other countries (included in Surf shark are 30 Netflix libraries), it also protects against various dangers or inconveniences that can lurk on the Internet. Malware and phishing experiments are blocked, the transfer of own surf data to advertising companies is prevented. However, for example, online banking works smoothly, individually selected websites can be packed on a whitelist, which then the VPN connection is bypassed. Compatible is surf shark with Windows, Linux, macOS and there are apps for Android and iOS. What Surf sharks VPN can still do everything you can discover on the website!

Sport fan? Sport streaming with VPN!

Many sports events, be it F1 races or the Olympic Games, are only partially or not transferred to us in public broadcasters. The reason for this are often regional restrictions (so-called blocking), which avoid that the state-owned public broadcasters are used by all over the world. With a VPN like surf shark, these obstacles can be bypassed, and the programs are viewed delayed and uninterrupted. Further information on sport streaming with Surf shark VPN can be found on the website. These and many other sports events can also follow sports enthusiasts live with the help of Surf shark VPN. Source: surf shark

This also works from any device, be it TV, streaming stick, smartphone, computer or tablet. You can load the Surf shark app for the corresponding device, logs in to this, selects the desired country, and it starts.

Surf shark VPN for €1,91 / month + 3 months free discover

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The VPN in the two-year subscription applies to an unlimited number of devices, so all televisions, computers, tablets or mobile phones can be integrated into the VPN — this also applies to all family members. In addition, Surf shark offers 24/7 customer service, if questions or problems should arise. The offer is only a limited time — if you failed, a 30-day money-back guarantee applies.

From Veronika Marcher
17.12.2021 at 15:15