O Roblox usually writes from the perspective of a phenomenon that hardly understand and who does not apply to ourselves. Everywhere, it is repeated that this is a great platform for playing and creating games, and her main players are children. Millions of children around the world, so we do not talk here about the niche title, but something that is actually popular.

The game is on a candlestick again, but this time due to its monetization system. Roblox Theoretically is free, in practice you have to pay optional fees for it to enjoy all functions. Some people pay attention to that the proposed business model is not honest and progress on the unconscious of the youngest players.

How to Make More Money From Roblox Games (Monetization Guide)
It is not even about issuing a large amount of money for Roblox, but for the work of children (Child Labor), which is forbidden or very limited in many countries of the world (not all). More and more influence or media indicate that Roblox exceeded a certain limit using unethical practices. I am talking about encouraging minors to gamble with real money, which is even worse than Loot box.

The icing on this acidic cake is forcing children to create digital objects in Roblox for other players who are then sold in a closed game ecosystem. In this way, youthful can receive real money, and a company standing for Roblox also earns around the procedure. And this type of practice is determined as Child Labor.

The subject is already undertaken by global organizations, as well as some politicians, so in the future we can expect changes in law that will take into account computer games on the child’s work. I wanted to write that hopefully the Rykoszet did not take us ordinary players, but who I cheat — it will certainly be. Finally, the game is evil.