Nostalgia the great theme of the movie Winters is 2021. At first flirted Ghostbusters: Legacy of the past, then brought Spider-Man: No Way Home them in the present and now considered matrix: what does a 20-year-old film trilogy actually have to say Resurrections. This again is a very difficult question, because just the first Matrix movie was a revolution, to which probably everyone moviegoers will remember something different. It was therefore of matrix: Resurrections also not a simple nostalgia trip, but more or less a meta-commentary about the movie, his fans and his characters. So far, so mysterious? Good, because a quarter of the Matrix series is a real general store of emotions.

Neo in the mid-life crisis

A major problem with Matrix: Resurrections is namely that one should actually nothing reveal about the film, and it is therefore difficult to say anything about him. But so that we can tell a little at least, now there are smaller spoilers. But there is little here that you do not know already from the trailers here.

Matrix: Resurrections (Buy Now) begins with a surprise. Neo or better Thomas Anderson, is alive, contrary to what is at the end of Matrix: Revolutions has seen. And he’s back in the matrix — or maybe not. At least he stuffs with blue pills, comes almost daily to his therapist and still has the feeling that something is wrong in principle.

Matrix: Resurrections: How much of the matrix actually happened? This question arises especially the first third of the film. Source: Warner Bros. Whether this is due to the new computer game that should program he and his team? 20 years ago Thomas Anderson was with the Matrix trilogy fame, three revolutionary games that changed the world — and plunge him into a psychotic crisis. Now his studio wants a fourth part and Thomas Anderson’s world begins again to stand on its head. And then there’s the mysterious woman who seems to know Thomas and reminds him of another life.

Is Neo maybe just a figure from a computer game? Is the matrix an online game? Is Thomas Anderson crazy? Just the first third of Matrix: Resurrections is basically nothing more than a huge meta-commentary on the original films and the reactions that triggered them. Only later, as will be explained why the Matrix Thomas Anderson busy again, the film is conventional and makes clear how Matrix: Resurrections and his predecessors together. Whether all this will please the matrix fans so was undecided. But what you see at each setting: The team had a lot of fun to do the film and is absolutely behind the result.

Good actors, acceptable action

It shows the fact that all the actors are perfect. Above all, Keanu Reeves and who find Carrie-Anne Moss after 20 years once again in their roles as Neo and Trinity. But the new additions enrich the film. Jessica Hen wick as Bug drives the plot forward, Neil Matrix: Resurrections: characters like Bugs enrich the film Source: Warner Bros. Patrick Harris like in the role of Thomas Anderson therapists and Jonathan Goff and Maya Abdul-Mateen II present new versions of Smith and Morpheus. And yes, there are actually new versions of their changing role are well aware.

Where matrix: flat falls Resurrections, is in on the action The is solid, with the kung fu Revolution, the matrix has unleashed, but it has nothing to do. In some places practical effects can imagine, most of the fighting but is dominated by CGI. Whether that was now due to the age of some actors, as some fans whisper, is another question. Much more feels like Lana Wazowski just lost the desire to Lungful and rather rely on computer effects. The same goes for the soundtrack. Also is good, fits the scenes, with the impressive score of the past, he has only to do very little.

Who is the movie?

Matrix: Resurrections: The action unfortunately is not as good as in the original films. Source: Warner Bros. Which brings us to the difficult question for whom Matrix: Resurrections actually is. Matrix fans who like the themes of the original films rather liked when the Action, Part 4 to be safe. Moviegoers, the matrix were good, but never were able to build a special relationship with the movies, probably. Those who expect intense combat, revolutionary revelations and groundbreaking computer effects, no. Who never could do anything with matrix is ​​not a fan even after this film.

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But the actually exciting question is: did Lana Wazowski did the movie at all for anyone else for themselves? In several interviews, the director indicates that it has processed the film, above all, the death of her parents and all the experiences and controversies that they had to go through in recent decades. Whether the audience likes this work-up, it was certainly only second. That’s what you can tell the movie and if you accept this circumstance, you can have fun with him. The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.