Right next to the playground is the club at home, which wants to be different. In the middle of the residential district he appears, the right to Dream Park, good 10,000 spectators fit into. But the stadium has never been before the pandemic.

The former mayor of Farm, a 20,000-inhabitant city northwest of Copenhagen, made it built in 1999 by taxpayers. Later tax evasion and much criminal energy as Ivy ranked on the facades. For two years, the mayor had to be behind lattice. In the meantime he does not live anymore.

RIGHT TO DREAM! - #1: FC Nordsjaelland / Football Manager 2021 / FM21
But the stadium is still available. In him, one of Europe’s most interesting clubs plays. And at the same time one with a dubious past.

The oldest offensive equity is 21 years old

At first glance, the FC Nordsyaelland in the Danish Superior is only with me. But as so often in life worth a second look. And a third party.

The FAN represents the most recent first-league team of top 30 leagues in Europe. 21.3 years are the players on average when they enter the lawn — three years younger than any other team of the league. For a few weeks, the 16-year-old Andreas Schjelderup left in the midfield suddenly regular players. Exceptional would be at probably any other club. Not North Shetland.

Often enough, the complete attack is only teenagers. The oldest offensive fender in the squad is proud 21 years old. And something else falls on: Many of the young strikes come from Africa, a total of seven players were trained in the Right to Dream Academy in Accra. No random accumulation.

A former man united scout distracts the shops

New Year 2016 the Ghanaian Academy took over the FC Nordsyaelland. Even if you often read from a partnership: Right to Dream, more precisely the Pathway Group, has bought the FC Nordsyaelland. Behind it is a Briton called Thomas Andrew Vernon, who is called by all only Tom. In the club Supervisory Board also sits his father Charles.

Vernon Junior Scout for Manchester United in Africa, before he founded the Academy in 1999. He is well-connected on the continent. Many European clubs come to Africa, buy themselves there and implement the European philosophy in every smallest detail, said Vernon last year the BBC. We make exactly the opposite. We export the most out of Ghanaian culture. South America has done the past 20 years: coach, player and playing style exported to Europe.

The former world star Michael Essen (38) is part of the FAN trainer team. He also serves as a guidance for very young new additions from Africa. Imago images

Do not yield Africa, but see as equal partners; Right to Dream — the right to dream. All that sounds good. In an idyllic bleeder, the always dressed in red children exercise near ACCRA on juicy green lawn, which is almost paradisaical from the environment. If you do not play football, you will receive school lessons. So show the marketing videos of the Academy. Allegedly, around 70 percent of fellows from families derive less than two US dollars per day.

Financing helps a billionless business. On January 20, 2021, an Egyptian conglomerate called Man Capital announced a new, 100 million euros serious partnership with Right To Dream. The parent company of Man Capital generated more than six billion euros in sales in 2018, in the automotive trade, or with financial investments.

The charity of charity does not invest in the academy, the business model is clear: you expect that this cooperation generates future players and creates the basis for significant income. For example, FC Nordsyaelland writes in his annual report for 2019.

North Sjaelland is a modern, discounted club

They do not make that primarily for fun or of social responsibility, reports Trolls Baker Rogerson, editor-in-chief of the Danish football magazine Tipsbladet, the Nordsyaelland. You want to win and earn money. The FC Nordsyaelland is a modern, advanced club. He has understood it as well as almost no one in Europe, which is needed to seriously become good at developing young players.

Fleming Pedersen (57) was under Jasper Human Co-coach at Mainz 05 in the Bundesliga. He coaches the Danes and relies on flat hierarchies. He wishes a self-organized team and speaks that everyone should be a coach on the court. In the midfield of its 3-4-3- or 3-5-2 system, Pedersen sets on Abu Francis (19), which should also be surfaced on the radar of Bundesliga clubs. At the front, Kathleen Suleiman (19), for the Bayer Leverkusen in October of last year, offered six million euros.

Looking site or stopover? The Right To Dream Park in Farm. Imago images

In the squad of men, exactly three players are older than 24. One of them: Johan Douro (34). The former arsenal and HSV professional enthuses from FAN. When I came here, I did not expect much, says the central defender in a club-owned video: But on my arrival I was now and then. The way the players and all the drum behave around as I’m going to be trained, the reminds me scary at Arsenal. At his time in the Bundesliga he lets no good hair: From Germany I had enough. Not from football, but by the people there. On the other hand, North Shetland is especially. For me, everything fits perfectly.

Also in dealing with the women’s team you do a lot in Farm. It gets the same training opportunities like the men, almost as many physios and proper presence on the club’s own social media channels. Right to Dream and the FC Nordsyaelland likes to serve as modest, fair, as the other, the human, sustainable club. May 2018, the Danes introduced the Common Goal project as the first club.

Stocks trash and eating out skin?

All this is one side of the medal. The other: Former pupils of the Academy in Accra report, for example, from stick strikes and food withdrawal for punishment in case of misconduct, from an unscrupulous model for profit maximization by player sales.

The transfer activities of the association from Farm are long ago pursued with Argus eyes anyway, they also know that there. At the latest since the end of 2018, the Football Leaks revealed that North Sjaelland had made a forbidden agreement with Manchester City: whenever the FAN wanted to sell a graduate of the Right to Dream academy to another club, Manliness had to agree in writing. In addition, 25 percent of the transfer flowed to the big brother.

A difficult business triangle

Third Party Ownership, short TPO, says in the football VOY and is prohibited by FIFA since May 2015. However, the club becomes readily admitted to the agreement with the English in the agreement with the English. However, the excitement was only theoretical nature, it says. Never had a transfer been realized so.

The contract between North Shetland and City signed FAN Club Chef Tom Vernon, but the Citizens paid around 1.3 million euros annually to the Academy. RIGHT TO DREAM — FC Nordsyaelland — Manchester City: A difficult triangle. Increased, the cooperation was not the cooperation. To date, no single player has ever played from the Academy for Manchester City.

Will there be critical questions?

There are no secrets, says the media director on the phone to the Nordsyaelland, if one asks for the TPO affair: The FIFA has examined the case, but nothing came out to this day. These shows yes that nothing was in the game An interview with the Club Manager? Sure, the flap. Will there be critical questions to him?, The media director wants to know. When he gets inherent to him, the conversation is soon over. The club does not enter more contact attempts.

After the crumpling agreement expired in April 2020, tension is expected, where the top talents will change, wing sprayers Suleiman about. He is perfect, very fast, accelerates scary and often dribbles more than one opponent at once, confirmed Tipsbladet chief editor Thomsen. Also, from an 18-year-old Middle Fieldsman he holds a lot: To chi Chukwuani has a lot to learn. But he could become an absolutely incredible player in the top 5 leagues.

Who relieves Eyre For?

The coveted Suleiman wants to sell his club anyway only in the summer of 2022 — then preferably for 15 million euros. Meanwhile, Ajax Amsterdam mixes violently in the advertising around the Ghana er. Previous FAN record sales is an old acquaintance from the Bundesliga: Eyre For, who went to Borussia Dortmund for 9.5 million euros in 2015.

A boy group, as it stands in the book: The oldest offensive activist in the squad is just 21 years old. Imago images

Unlike Suleiman Kelvin For (19) decided when he left the Right to Dream Academy in 2019: Fortuna Düsseldorf instead of Denmark. Not without a little satisfaction, Northern Shetland’s stagnant development has since become stagnant. Mohammed Kudos (20), it says, had been on the same level with Of ORI. Then he was — as provided for sure — went to Denmark. Today, Kudos can be found in the extended Stammer of Ajax Amsterdam, while the Düsseldorf striker is waiting for its breakthrough.

The Danish fans see the club, who is so much caring for the promotion of young players and pursued innovative approaches, twilit. Some are skeptical and wondering: What goal do the club owners pursue?, Says Rogerson: Do you want to win trophies? Or are you just a practical platform for talented guys from Ghana? No wonder if all the history. As so often, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. (This text was first published on April 2, 2021)