The pros and cons of the NFT game and the Play Tour (P2E) model is hot. We have a necessary regulatory, an old regulatory issue behind the era, and I have a game, government, press, and even cattle to the public governors,

The opposite governor is the game. The NFT-P2E game has a surcharge and an illegal exchange rate, and is opposite based on current game methods. In August, Kim Gyu-cheol, a member of Kim Gyu-cheol, also, is a public institution based on the game method, and has a public institution that has been moving based on the game, and has not been able to give a rating because there is a complaint for the exchange of exchange games in the current game method. In the first place, the whole body game rating committee itself is the agency established in the desire of the sea story, but the game was subject to a lot of victims, and a lot of victims were born. A gamer who is accompanied by this is a lot of gamers.

The pros and descendants are also the game industry. The game method that prohibits this is expressed as ‘old regulation’, and it is the opinion that we must only oppose the NFT game that is the world’s trend. They claim that NFT games are different from dangerous gambling and shouting regulatory mitigation. Recently, the Passport presidential candidate, Lee Pre-noting, a candidate for the candidate, appeared on the game YouTube Channel ‘G Korean and’ It is a positive position.


Every time an NFT article comes out, the reader response is also fierce. If you are positive, Never ID Accept Just do not just make a regulatory only what you do not do. While the bus is not trying to know what the bus is recognized as the concept of the NFT as the unemployed asset (essential), it is not likely to know that it is not to know the concept of currency exchange. Essay, everything everywhere, Mt. NFT… Money is a scary, Never ID Elysian If you attach NFT to Graham, it is a slot machine?, Game Mecca ID Unnamed: It shows that it can be transdded to the gambling. I do not know how to use it.

Even the players are also in the game. NFT or P2E models will have the essential fun of the game, and there is a place to aggressively introduce them to their new ones. Of course, there is a place to show you how to understand that NFT is like NFT as FBI Soft’s case.

NFT games and P2E models through this. Perhaps the game industry may be a new growth engine, maybe it may be a disaster to call the second sea story. If you allow this, you will have to focus on solidifying the foundation, such as temporarily monitoring the law to prevent the change or exploitation. The obvious thing is that it is not to decide to be pulsed or opposite to the craze, but it is a deeper and detailed discussion.

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