The first good news brought the SG already before kick-off: Lackluster Aaron Sensing had extended his contract at the Farm prematurely for another year until 2024. Then the top game started with expected maximum tempo. Campus tub set with a double impact early to 3: 1 (5.). However, the loss-free leader, as consolidated he is now: first the SCM 4: 3, then 6: 4 and finally for the first time with three goals (9: 6, 17.).

Everything ran towards the guests, which in the episode, however, became more and more riding in the attack and advanced at the back too much. Flensburg fought back with the frenetic spectators in the back, marriage tub used the confusion around a not given Magdeburg out-time and met in duplicate to the 13: 11 pause tour.

Even after the side change, the game did not need a long start-up time: In one of the many tempo stands, DUB captain Johannes Golda determined the 17:13 (35th). SG-Keeper Benjamin BRIC went hotly getting hotter, had already piled ten parades after 40 minutes and decided the duel with Magdeburg’s goalkeeper Jan nick Green clearly for himself.

Larsson steals Mansion the show

At 22:16 for the Flensburg in the 42nd minute, the Lens Arena brought the first time. On half-right, Omar Inge Mansion, Bundesliga scorer of the preseason, forces, after strength — but also steel with Tatar Einarssson on this day a barely incident Flensburg the show.

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At the status of 19:24 Magdeburg’s trainer Bennet deserves the Flensburg river with a break off (47.). The 39-year-old warned his team, not falling in hustle and bustle and step by step to fight back. But the pendulum hit the SG on this day — BRIC clawed a failed lifter from left outside Lukas Martens from the air and then took Girl Kristiansen a completely free throw away.

Gílson believes in the SCM

Even if national coach Alfred Gílson, last Magdeburg MasterCard in 2001, sees the SCM already as the coming master, the first defeat was in the late Sunday afternoon the first defeat to previously 16 victories from 16 Bundesliga games in series. At the 30: 27 success of the SG Keeper BRIC (14 parades) protruded from a strong Flensburg collective out. In a combined game, tub and Magdeburg’s right outside were Daniel Patterson with seven goals each of the best throwers.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt — SC Magdeburg 30:27 (13:11)

SC Magdeburg VS HSV Hamburg | Highlights | Bundesliga | 2021/2022

Goals for the SG: Tub 7/2, Godfridsson 5, San 5, Larsson 4, Golda 3, Larsen 3, E. M. Jacobsen 1/1, Sensing 1, Tannhauser 1
Goals for Magdeburg : D. Patterson 7, O. I. Mansion 6/2, Martens 4, M. Damaged 2, O’Sullivan 2, Weber 2, Beak 1, Gulled 1, G. T. Kristiansen 1, Jockstrap 1
Referee: Suresh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach) / Ramesh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)
Spectators: 3150
Puncture minutes: 10/8
Disqualification: /