Pokemon GO is there new temporary research in January 2022. However, only the coaches can pre-order tickets for the Photo Tour. We show you all the tasks and rewards of research. So you can see if the pre-order is worth it.

What is that for research? It is the season of the origin: EP challenge. This is a temporary research. You can only participate in when you have pre-ordered a ticket for the Pokémon Go-Tour: Photo. The tickets can be found in the shop of Pokémon Go for a price of about 12 euros.

In this overview, we show you all the tasks and rewards of research. If you are still considering giving you a ticket for the Photo tour, you could help you with your choice.

Until when can I pre-order? You have to buy the Photo ticket until Monday, January 10th. Only then is it as a pre-order.

EP challenge at the season of the origin

Where the info comes from? The website Leek duck carried the tasks and rewards together. They come from coaches who already solved the tasks and convicted in the community of Pokémon Go.

The tasks are about collecting a total of 240,000 experiences (EP). There are individual milestones that reward you with Pokémon and Items. The big reward for the 240,000 EP is a Viscera cap.

Here you can earn star dust, collect berries and Pokémon and unlock a cap for your avatar. So the cap looks for your coach in the game then:

That’s what the players say: In the community the new research is hotly discussed. Trainers are unfortunate that they must pre-order extra for this content. To do this, the rewards are still pretty disappointing, says ommygoth1 on Reddit.

Other questions, for which you always receive ninja tom as rewards.

Player Shepherdsweshelby writes: I’m not a big fan of the current direction of the game and recent interactions / resources of Ni antic. So I prefer to give up the Photo tour to make this point financially clearly.

How do you like research? Do you find that good that there is a bonus for pre-order or if Ni antic should have solved that differently? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.