Hallo Infinite is the dream complied with many fans of the saga. One of his co-creators affirmed that 343 Industries had recovered the magic of the franchise, an ovation to which thousands of players join. However, there are users who enjoy the shooter from another prism: rapidity. We talk about the Speed runners, which on this occasion have finished the last adventure of the master chief in 29 minutes and 49 seconds.

Speedrunners Broke Halo Infinite even more
SasquatchSensei has finished the game in 29 minutes and 49 seconds This merit is attributed to the SasquatchSensei user, which shares in your YouTube account the result of the departure of it. It should be noted that the main story is finished with some 10 hours of game, something that has been reduced by just under 60 minutes thanks to the community of Speed runners. A few times that, as you see with the new record, and have passed the barrier of half an hour.

But it is possible that the battle for this leadership does not end here, because the previous brand had been located at 30 minutes and 31 seconds. In this way, and seeing that the players get these times in Easy mode, it is possible that in a few weeks we meet another speed runner that beats the current record.

The practice of speed running has been among us for many years, and continues to demonstrate the speed and imagination of users with records in Pokémon gleaming pearl or Metro id Dread. If you are intended to make a memorable speedructure, remember Record correctly your game session. After all, Minecraft’s new record has been invalidated because of a human error.