I have since been repeatedly pointed it and I do not tire of it to emphasize at this point once again: The developers of Pokémon Go have presented three Temporary research for the season of origin; for each month. But while the Temporary research stardust challenge of Blanche, standing in December for all players of Pokemon Go available that XP and catch Challenge miss some coaches of Spark and Candela. Why? Because the Temporary research for January and February 2022 are behind a paywall. Thank you, Ni antic?

ticket, if you want to play the Photo track… but not only!

This fact annoyed me already, when I saw him the first time, and it annoys me even today. The XP Challenge in January 2022, and the catch challenge in February 2022 actually free features of the season, the origin can be played only if you purchase the event ticket for the Photo tour. And this ticket again, depending on the store of your smartphone provider, cost anything from 10 to 13 euros.

Even if you are playing with the idea of ​​the end of February 2022 to play the Photo tour, that means still far from being that you want to buy immediately or in the coming days the event ticket now. You may want to leave you time with the idea until February. The thing is that you will already now slowly escape something, namely the challenges of Spark and Candela. Of course, you can now decide on the basis of waving rewards whether you are now snapped the event ticket. Some Pokémon Go player but this financial freedom have not flat.

What does that have Ni antic again?

Yes, I know, of course I do: a lot of events in Pokemon Go are free to play. No one needs to feel compelled to spend money on the game. But what makes the COMO (Fear of Missing Out) with a? Take about me: I have the stardust challenge not played out completely by Blanche. I would XP and catch challenge completely gamble that is relatively unlikely. Yet I sit here in front of my Pokemon Go, and consider seriously whether I already shoppe the ticket for the Photo tour, just so I do not miss anything.

The PoGo-FOMO is precisely real, even for me, someone who approaches the game very casual. Under what Zigzag then someone feels now set, which must be three times superior whether to afford the ticket.

And what brings me the Photo Tour?

But there is also another hook. Because currently buy players of Pokemon Go to the Photo tour ticket pig in a poke. It is the part of the developer is not yet clear what exactly awaits us during the tour. Yes, it will spawn Pokemon from the Photo region. Yes, there is exclusive special research that (this time again with special attack) deals with Celebs. Yes, there will be one of the most ominous masterpiece special research again. Collector’s challenges will again be working together for the coaches bonuses, similar to the global Pokemon Go Festival. You can you when buying the tickets between the Silver and the Golden Edition decide you therefore, at best, still a buddy studying in order to exchange some tasks can do — because spawn different Pokemon for you. So you can’s still something exclusive make, eh?

Celebs in February slush

I am quite honest here: If Pokemon Go hard, then make the hourly challenges fun. But also because the summer then, according to the weather well, and I’ve Bock to run in warm, balmy summer wind through the city. Warm, warm summer wind is the end of February, to be exact on February 26, 2022, do not expect me. How big are the chances that I have for the umpteenth Celebs and a few bonuses that stop only on this day, going great in February by the city if anyway aftermath nor the next corona aftermath?

Apart from that: What remains of the much-heralded feature of the seasons in Pokemon Go, if only the event madness is simply the old, and we do what is special and cool amulet, asked to pay for everything, in the case of the season? Of origin are there a few XL Sweet bonuses and a few specific Pokémon spawns. Oh, wow. Slowly, I wonder why the seasons are ever come into play with such fanfare and hoopla.



1 2 Pokemon Go: The Temporary Research for January is here — but only for paying Gallery to Pokémon Go: The Temporary Research for January is here — but only for paying

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