League of Legends is one of those video games considered as infinite, since being online and also having constant content updates, there is no end as in the linear games for a player. Even so, it seems reasonable to think that there are certain ways to try to take the maximum juice to the video game… We ask ourselves the question: Is it possible to finish the lol? Let’s try.

1 — It reaches 1st position of Challenger

The most obvious way to finish a game is to pass all the screens. In League of Legends the screen is the same always, but the rivals are changing by an matchmaking system. Therefore, it would be reasonable to think that if you are the best of the ranking, you have passed the Riot Games Mob.

Of course, considering that in Eu west , for example, there are millions and millions of players in Solo… It is an arduous task that is not within reach of more than a handful of people. It does not seem reasonable to think that this is an easy way to finish League of Legends .

2 — Get all the champions

The work required to be able to play with everyone requests hundreds of hours (or euros) to complete it and, although there are ways to streamline the process, such as the use of fragments of champions and occasional gifts from Riot Games… as it happened with Arcane.

If you are a free to play player, who does not want to put money in the game, you will need something more 500 levels (it is estimated 1058 Average Essences per level) and all that counting on the victories of the day. If you want to pay, those 125570 Riot Points will cost you about 850 euros if the offer purchases.

3 — Get all Skins

We can also think that finishing a game is to get all the collectibles… and there are no better collectibles in League of Legends than the aspects of champion. Although there are ways to get them without paying as with Hex tech chests, or with Prime Gaming packages, here you have to pay a barbarity.

At this time, getting all the skins available in the store would be above 4000 euros , so it is complicated.


4 — Arrive to the credits

This custom, inherited from the cinema, tells us that a video game is over when you see the credits . And the credits do not stop being a way to take a look at all the people who have worked on the video game. The issue is that within the League of Legends customer there is no way to see all the people who have worked in the game.

That is why we can end League of Legends making use of a third-party website… one we know all: LinkedIn. If we go to the profile of Riot Games in this social network, we can see the more than 5400 workers who have the company at this time.

5 — Get a record

The best way to go through a video game may be to leave your name immortalized in it . Get a record, and be the first to give with something really complicated, it is a great way to finish a game. In League of Legends this is very simple, since there are a thousand things that can be susceptible to ending being a record.

In the link below we tell you even how you can hold a record in League of Legends simply and only using the web https://www.speedrun.com/.