Already last summer, Oscar Miguel was associated with Borussia Dortmund from FC Barcelona. Now Bertha BSC expects the sensor after the 22-year-old central defender.

As the Munro Deporting reports, the old lady is interested in a loan business with the Catalans. Great opportunities, the capitals are not allowed to color.

The FC Valencia, CELTA Vigo and RCD Mallorca should also have thrown an eye on Miguel. A change to Berlin come in question for Miguel anyway rather than the BVBs direction.

At FC Barcelona, ​​Miguel has to be satisfied with the Joker role. In the league, the Spaniard so far was 13 times in the square, from the beginning he was allowed to ran eight times. There are five missions in the Champions League.

Because of the manageable operating times, both Barça and Miguel a lending should still be aimed at this winter. Already in December, the Spanish portal Dario Go had reported that Miguel stands on the string list of the Catalans.


BVB left empty at Miguel last summer

Barça coach Ronald Woman is said to have rejected a change to BVB last summer. According to the Dortmund Radio Catalonia, according to the Radio Catalonia, a loan business including the purchase option. Miguel is said to have evicted doubts whether he would get enough commission time in the Catalans in the coming season and therefore considered a preliminary goodbye.

The FC Barcelona may have even met the wishes of BVB, but the Catalans decided to report to Tottenham after the transfer of Brazilian Emerson to Tottenham against a Miguel lending.

The BVB lends Marin Panoramic from VFL Wolfsburg to the end of the season.