Based on the Pokémon Go Kant Tour in 2021 will take place on February 26, 2022 – and only on this day – the Pokémon Go Tour: Photo. So the Photo tour to be short. In our guide to the Photo tour in Pokémon Go you will find all known details on special research, bonuses, the event tickets, January and February challenges, to choose between gold and silver edition and more!

ATTENTION: Because the developers of Pokémon Go steadily issue new information until the Photo tour is really there, we will regularly expand the guide to important details.

Photo tour play for free

For the Photo Tour (February 26, 2022, between 09:00 and 21:00 clock) you do not have to spend money per se. Strongly exciting, the circumcised contents are not:

  • Some Pokémon, first discovered in Photo, appear in the wilderness, in Raids and hatching from 7 km eggs. Other Johto-Pokémon, otherwise only occurring in certain regions, will occur worldwide in RAIDS.
  • Pokémon like Fichu, PIN, Flufelfuff and Topi hatch from 2 km eggs that you receive at Bakeshops.
  • You can conclude a temporary research on train fighting.

Photo Tour: The Event Ticket

The Photo tour in Pokémon Go will take place on February 26, 2022, between 09:00 and 21:00. The price varies depending on the shop where you buy the ticket – iOS coaches about 11.99 euros, while Android players should pay about the Samsung Store 12.99 euros. Inventively inform you in advance, in which shop you could save something.

Photo tour with event ticket play

Did you buy a ticket? Good, then the following bonuses apply to the Photo Tour for all ticket owners:

  • All Pokémon, originally discovered in the Photo region, appear in the wilderness, Raids and encounters according to research tasks. In addition, they are attracted by smoke, hatching eggs, can be exchanged with friends or are available through developments.
  • You can conclude exclusive special research on the event for which you will receive an encounter with the mysterious Pokémon Celebs as a reward. Celebs definitely catches during the event, so it masters a special event attack.
  • If you complete the special research, you will get access to a second, exclusive masterpiece research that extends over a longer period of time and test your skills as a coach.
  • All Pokémon discovered in the Johto-Region also appear in shivering form, some even for the very first time in Pokémon Go! For example, Incognito G, O, T, U, R and J, which is attracted by smoke. Depending on the selected event version, you will also be encountered with a higher probability of certain dazzling Pokémon in the wilderness.
  • Closes nine collector’s challenges to earn rewards and another top collector medal. For this purpose, coaches must catch certain Pokémon to different mottos within a predetermined period of time.
  • Different Pokémon are attracted by smoke.
  • In the shop is a free bundle with three remote-raid passports available.
  • Eggs hatch four times so fast.
  • You get twice as many sweets for the hatching of eggs.
  • You will receive additional sweets for catching Johto-Pokémon.
  • You will receive up to nine free RAID passes when you turn the photo plates of arenas.
  • You will receive an exclusive in-game medal as a souvenir of the event.
  • Makes one or the other snapshot to experience a surprise.
  • You get special stickers when your poke stop turns. These stickers are also available in the shop.

Golden or Silver Edition of the Photo Tour?

Shortly before the event you will have to decide if you decide you for the golden or the silver version of the event ticket. The differences are as follows:

Golden Edition

  • Exclusive Pokémon The Golden Edition: Mubarak, Shortly, Teddies and Manta are attracted by smoke.

You have a greater chance to meet this iridescent Pokémon: Endive, Fiery, Armani, Mubarak, Fluff, NATU, Hoppers, Son core, Tranquil, Winged, Shortly, Portrait, Teddies, Quite, Manta and Ho-Oh.

Silver Edition

  • Exclusive Pokémon The Silver Edition: Leda, Booger, Pantheon and Happy are attracted by smoke.
  • You have a greater chance to meet this dazzling Pokémon: Endive, Fiery, Armani, Leda, PIN, Rosenbaum, Hoppers, Yanmar, Anna, Booger, Pantheon, Thunderer, Happy, Mil tank, Larvae and Lucia.

Temporary research on train fighting

The temporary research on the trainer fights can be played free of charge and without event ticket. What steps and rewards await you is not known yet – we add the information as soon as possible.

Special Research on the Photo Tour with Celebs

Special research on Celebs can only be played with event ticket. If you manage to complete all tasks on February 26th 2022 to 21:00, Celebs learns a special attack, namely Spellblatt. In the context of special research, you do not care which Edition you have chosen to catch different types of Pokémon, develop Pokémon, deserve star dust, make snapshots and defeat members of Team Rocket. It deserves, among other things, Items for the development of certain Pokémon, parts for a Rocket Radar, an encounter with Shiny Grades and an encounter with Celebs.

What steps and rewards await you is not known yet – we add the information as soon as possible.

Master pool Research to Photo Tour

The masterpiece research only receives her if you have completed special research to the Photo tour; But it is not limited in time. What steps and rewards await you is not known yet – we add the information as soon as possible.

XP challenge and catch challenge for the season of the origin

Sparks XP Challenge in January 2022 and Candelas Fang Challenge in February 2022 can only be done if you have bought the ticket for the Photo Tour. The date for the January challenge has already expired, but you can buy an event ticket in time for the catch challenge; You have to raise the ticket until February 10, 2022.

Live events in Abu Dhabi, Monterrey and Taiwan

On February 27, 2022, Pokémon Go exclusively organizes an event in the cities mentioned in the cities mentioned in the Photo Tour, but is not necessary to complete the Photo Ticket tasks. Extra tickets must be purchased for $25. Where exactly that can be bought, the Pokémon Go makers may eventually reveal sometime; For example, in the article to the live events to the Photo tour.