Pokémon Legends Arceus gives his players the opportunity to catch a large number of legendary Pokémon, including the seaguard UXIE, MESPRIT and AZELF, which were presented for the first time in the Nintendo DS exclusive titles Pokémon Diamant and Pokémon Pearl. After this is said, we will tell you now how you can capture UXIE, MESPRIT and AZELF Pokémon legends Arceus .

How to catch UXIE, MESPRIT and AZELF in Pokémon Legends Arceus

You can get UXIE, MESPRIT and AZELF in Pokémon Legends Arceus by taking part in the 21st mission of the game “The Dish of Lakes”, which is only available after you both the main history of the game as well as its first mission after the game completed. “The mythene researcher” that can be triggered by going to the headquarters of the corps and talks to Cyllenle. If you have completed the mission, talk to Cogita to unlock “the plate of the lakes”. After you have unlocked the 21st mission, you can combat and catch UXIE by driving the Acuity Lake in the Alabaster Islands. After you have caught Uxie, you can catch MESPRIT by driving to Lake Verity, which is in Obisidian Fieldlands. Azelf, on the other hand, can be combated on Lake Valor in the Crimson Mireland. It will not be hard to find the Pokémon as they wait for you on the same places where you met them during the main story.

To summarize it again, here’s how to catch the seakeepers in Pokémon Legends Arceus:


  • Complete the main history of the game.
  • Complete “Mythene Researcher”.
  • Turn off “The plate of the lakes”.

  • Enter indefinite order for Lake Acuity (UXIE), Lake Verity (Mesprit) and Lake Valor (Azelf).
  • Confirm and start the respective Pokémon of each area.

Now that you know how to catch UXIE, MESPRIT and AZELF in Pokémon Legends Arceus, do not forget to look at you like Arceus, Cresselia, Regigigas and Giratina.

You can play Pokémon legends Arceus now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Here you can view our review of the newly published game.

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