Herschel “Guy” beauty IV ALIAS Dr Disrespect earns part of his influencer and streaming laurels with matches in well-known online shooters. As a well-known fan and streamer of Battle-Royale games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, H1z1 and PubG, Dr Disrespect does not come to the course of course, his time also in Call of Duty: Warzone to stuck; This is the Battle-Royale mode of COD, which was published for free Zock 2020.

As far as All Things Call of Duty from Activision Blizzard come. And against the game concerts, the Docs anger turned out when he was pulled out of an incomprehensible reasons in Warzone from an opponent.

“Microsoft will not save you!”

I Stream Sniped Dr.Disrespect In Warzone…
The following scene: Dr Disrespect played at the end of January 2022 with Zaner a 2V2 tournament on the Caldera map in Warzone, while there was a lot of coal. The DOC, who has been standing against the F2P game of Raven Software for some time, where it only goes, just wrestles with Timecode 4:39:22 of his vods just as an opponent caught in a building without the Doc Before, only a Muck had heard – something like the steps of the enemy about.

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“There’s nothing, nothing! No audio! Your game is shit!”, The DOC roars into the micro and, of course, sets his anger against the developers. “Microsoft will not save you!” He calls, “it will not!”

Can Microsoft save at least Blizzard?

No matter what you think of Dr Disrespect’s Warzone Refrection, quite small in the back of the head, the one or the other is probably the question of whether Microsoft can save with the planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard probably at least Blizzard Entertainment. Whether the studio that invented and designed so many popular franchises, through the Microsoft Power in the background again gets the chance to return to old splendor and old glories… or whether the train has driven off.

It is quite possible that, for example, if it comes to this corporate merge, the future control instances are no longer so sharp; That the studios that drives formerly under Activision Blizzard and then under Microsoft flag must feel a bit less financial pressure. But that’s all speculation as long as the deal has not passed through and a reasonable amount of time. But how would you answer these questions: Can Microsoft Blizzard save? Or are hops and malt lost in your eyes?

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